We love to see families coming together on TikTok and there’s no greater patriarch then 

@grandadjoe1933. With a little help from his loving granddaughters, Grandad Joe creates ‘wholesome family content’ for his 2.4 million TikTok followers to enjoy. 

Let’s get to know a little more about this super family man…

Although we know him as grandad, his full name is Joe Allington, who was a regular 87 year old from Lichfield before becoming a viral sensation. He lives with his daughter Wendy who got him on the TikTok app after noticing how popular his granddaughter @brookepaintain’s videos were that featured him.

His first ever TikTok video was a sad sight we all saw too much off back at the start of lockdown, where the elder generation were struggling with the empty shelves in the supermarket. This video gained an incredible 42 million views (and counting) and Joe became a smash hit over night - not bad for your first post!


I’ve had to re post 😕please support this as it’s an important message 👍🏻 ##wishmeluck ##pushthebutton ##grandad ##immaboss ##washyourhands ##ukvlog

♬ If The World Was Ending - JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels

Since then his following has continued to grow, gaining millions of fans in a space of a few months. This growth is purely down to Grandad Joe’s infectious spirit. He considers every one of his TikTok followers a new friend - and he sure does love to entertain. 

Here’s some of our favourite videos that make Grandad Joe so special.

One of his most popular TikTok videos sums up the close bond he has with his granddaughters, when he made Brooke’s favourite snack to cheer her up - warning this content has been certified #Wholesome.

Although, that doesn't mean he doesn't like to prank them every once in a while...


My granddaughter @brookepaintain cream pied me so I got my own back 🤣 ##museumathome ##namastyay ##partygirl ##partygirlchallenge ##prank

♬ Party Girl - StaySolidRocky

No matter how hip you are as a grandparent, there’s always gonna be some differences in musical taste.

You’re never too old to learn a new skill, and what better cooking coach can you get then @gordonramsayofficial? Checkout his hilarious reaction to Grandad Joe’s cooking in this #RamsayReacts TikTok duet.

If his cooking and TikTok career fails, then Joe could always open a beauty salon.

Just before you thought Grandad Joe couldn't get anymore adorable, he starts posting horse videos. Honestly this may be cuteness overload.

If that still isn't enough wholesomeness for you, then checkout his video demonstrating the love between a grandparent and grandchild. If this doesn't make you want to hug your grandpa, we don't know what will.


❤️@brookepaintain thank you ❤️. Tell me about your relationship with your grand parents 😊 ##bekind ##golong ##hbdtiktok

♬ Before I Go - Mimi Webb

Lastly, Joe prides himself on his funny videos, so there's no way we can finish without some of his comedy gold.

Those are just some of the many reasons we love Grandad Joe’s TikTok account. Be sure to head on over there and give him a follow to keep up with all his latest, incredible content.
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