Every day on TikTok we see new creators using music to bring joy and express themselves. We take huge pride in cultivating a space for creativity and collaboration, where emerging and talented artists can be discovered. TikTok is home to a large number of emerging artists who are using the platform to build their audiences and express themselves authentically with no barriers.

One of the ways we've discovered new talent is through TikTok Duets, which has paved the way for collaboration between artists and fans. A few months ago, YUNGBLUD launched a duet competition that led him to select aspiring singer-songwriter and super fan Chloe Noone to re-record and release his track 'Parents'. We also saw so many incredible vocals on the #SingWithQueen challenge, which encouraged creators to sing their hearts out with Freddie Mercury.

Here's your chance to duet with Aitch


Show me what you've got 👀. I'll be inviting the best duets on this sound to join me in a new TikTok LIVE show 👉 #DuetRoulette 🤘 #LearningCurve

♬ original sound - Aitch

This week, we launched a brand new challenge - #DuetRoulette - to help us find the best new music creators and artists out there, and pair major stars with next-generation talent in a series of TikTok LIVEs. The challenge gives TikTokers an opportunity to duet with incredible artists on the platform, and be in with a chance to join them in a new TikTok LIVE show.

Kicking off the challenge, we're excited to announced that Manchester rapper and songwriter Aitch will be joining us as the first ever #DuetRoulette host.

To get involved, all you need to do is duet Aitch's video, using the instrumental of his brand new single 'Learning Curve' to record your own verse. Rap, sing, or do whatever it is you do best, show off your creativity to grab Aitch's attention. Check out some of the fire freestyles we've seen from creators already for inspiration.


#duet with @aitchnq_ Aitch spazzed out at the flow switch at the end I won’t lie😂 #duet #duetroulette #rap

♬ original sound - Aitch


#duet with @aitchnq_ WE DOIN THA MOST! It didn’t let me finish 😫💗 #duetroulette #learningcurve #freestylerap

♬ original sound - Aitch


#duet with @aitchnq_ Ok Aitch let’s do this! Let me drop a ‘Feelin’ U’ mash up for #duetroulette 😘 love this beat! #kellileigh #iphonemic

♬ original sound - Aitch

The challenge all leads up to our very first ever #DuetRoulette LIVE on 30th July at 7pm hosted by Aitch himself from his TikTok page (@Aitch). During the show he'll be joined by a selection of his favourite duet creators, who with the luck of the Roulette wheel, will have a chance to perform for him, live and direct. Plus, we'll hear from Aitch about his new single Learning Curve, perform it live for the first time to the TikTok community, and be in line for a few surprises too as he spins the Roulette wheel. It's a show you're not going to want to miss!

Talking about the launch of #DuetRoulette Aitch said:

“I’m asking my fans to show me what they’ve got for #DuetRoutlette and I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. If you’ve got what it takes, I wanna hear what you can do with Learning Curve. If you’re lucky, you’ll join me on the TikTok LIVE too. There is a lot of talent out there and you’re gonna want to see it: 7pm, Friday, TikTok, see you there.”

Aitch has had an incredible year, featuring on the remix of A1 & J1's single 'Latest Trends', releasing his own single 'Learning Curve', and even penning a poem ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 final on what it means to be an England fan. A huge TikTok star, he's built up almost a million followers, with over 6 million likes on his video creations.

And remember, Aitch is just our first guest artist - more special guests and surprises to come... 👀

New to TikTok and want to get involved? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.