Creative effects are at the heart of the TikTok experience. Whether you’re teleporting into new worlds with Green Screen or freeze-framing with Time Warp Scan, creative effects empower creators to express themselves, entertain and share stories through a wide array of engaging and immersive formats.

To expand what's possible with effects, we created Effect House - a platform that allows anyone to build Community Effects for TikTok. Effect House has been in closed beta since last fall, and today we're excited to open the beta to all creators, designers, and developers from around the world, inviting them to imagine new frontiers for TikTok's effects universe.

Effect House offers tools and learning resources, equipping creators with intuitive design and development technologies that would empower them to build immersive and dynamic effects for TikTok's global community.

Inspiring joy and creativity with Community Effects

Creators have already inspired a world of joy, creativity, and endless entertainment with the effects they have made throughout the early beta for Effect House. To date, more than 450 effect creators have published effects on TikTok, inspiring the creation of more than 1.5 billion videos and garnering over 600 billion views globally. Through the expansion of Effect House as a beta experience, we're looking forward to seeing more of the world's creative builders develop engaging and exciting effects for our global community.

Keeping safety and inclusivity at the heart of creative effects

We're focused on fostering a safe, authentic, and inclusive environment for our global community to create and engage with effects. In addition to our Community Guidelines, effects must follow our Effect Guidelines, which outline additional policies aimed at helping everyone on TikTok feel welcome and empowered to create exactly as they are. For instance, we don't allow effects that promote colorism or negative stereotypes against protected groups, nor do we allow effects that depict cosmetic surgery, such as lip fillers, or encourage scrutiny of someone's appearance.

All submitted effects will be reviewed by our Trust and Safety team to help ensure they adhere to our policies before they're released to the broader TikTok community. When we identify a violative effect, we will remove it and notify the effect's creator who will have an opportunity to appeal the removal. While we strive to proactively identify and remove violative content, our community can also report effects they believe are not in line with our policies using the 'Report Effect' feature. Out of an abundance of caution, some effects, such as those depicting alcohol, may be ineligible to appear in the Effect Tray as we keep the breadth of our audience top of mind.

Celebrating the Effect House community

To celebrate the impact of the Effect House community and inspire future creators, we're spotlighting effect creators from around the world who are bringing their artistry, ingenuity, and creativity to life with their effects on TikTok.

Laura Gouillon, @lauragouillon

Allan Gregorio, @allangregorio

Grace Choi, @gracemchoi

Balraj Bains, @blahblahbalraj

Discover Effect House

On TikTok, you'll know an effect was made in Effect House by tapping the effect on a video and viewing its results page, where effect creators' profiles are linked. When recording videos, you can also see the effect creator's username linked below the effect's name. All the published effects in a creator's portfolio can be viewed from a designated tab on their Profile page. To start creating effects, download Effect House.

Discover the many ways you can bring your creativity to life through Effect House on TikTok. Be part of our community by simply downloading the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.