Today is World Bee Day, and to celebrate we wanted to highlight some of our favorite bee themed TikTok content. Despite making us awkwardly run from them, bees do a lot of good for the environment by pollinating the flowers we love and producing our honey. From beekeeping practices to colorful paintings, bees are the source of artistic inspiration for many interesting and informative TikTok videos. The global bee population is on the decline and users across the world are proclaiming a need to protect these essential insects. On other days we might run away from these helpful creatures but today we celebrate the humble bee and those who keep them. According to all known laws of'll love these videos (yes that was a Bee Movie reference).  

Uncapping honey is the most satisfying thing you could see.

This guy shows off the honey tap.

Pip is a bumblebee!

Creating honey comb artwork.

Did you know you could hand feed a bee?

Save the bees with sugar water.