Celebrating the New England Patriots first W of the regular season, Tom Brady shared his first video on TikTok this morning showing highlights from Sunday’s game. Brady joins TikTok on the heels of the NFL and TikTok announcing a new multi-year partnership to bring the excitement of the NFL experience to TikTok. The NFL also joined TikTok last week along with many other teams in the league, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and more. #WeReady for football season, here are the videos to running for the extra point to celebrate.

TB12 joins TikTok

Evan Engram and the New York Giants are ready for kickoff...are you?

Fly, Eagles, Fly

@TheTikTokDrummer is riding with the Titans this season...Who you got?

Mahomes’ new target?

Okay, #WeReady!