On TikTok, effects inspire creativity, power storytelling, and bring joy to our global community. Brands have leveraged this impact to reach new audiences and tell more immersive stories, with Branded Effects like the 'A Flavor For Every You' Bomb Pop game and the Pepsi #NewPepsiHitMeLike Challenge.

To further empower innovative storytelling and expand creative possibilities for brands on TikTok, we're introducing Effect House Branded Effects, a new solution that allows brands to work directly with TikTok effect creators to produce custom Branded Effects.

Supercharging campaigns with Branded Effects

Branded Effects are custom effects sponsored by brands. They can be highly customized with branded elements and include features like calls-to-action and custom audience targeting to fit a brand's specific campaign needs. To kick off Branded Effects in Effect House, brands can begin working with top effect creators who are already creating enormously popular effects on TikTok's effect creation platform, Effect House.


We were so excited to sit down with @ls.studio.file and learn more about her amazing @daftpunk helmet effects. Listen to her story about getting to work with the band and how she brought this effect to life.

♬ original sound - Effect House

By working with effect creators to build Branded Effects for TikTok, brands can tap into the creativity and ideas of effect creators who are already driving big impact with their effects, allowing brands to spark the same kinds of connection, engagement, and conversion while also having more control over key performance features. Compared to Community Effects, Branded Effects allow brands to boost their content to a wider audience with paid branding traffic solutions, control what brand safe pinned videos appear on the effect detail page, and place their effects in premium placements on the trending tab of the effect panel.

Fueling branded creativity on TikTok

Since launching the Effect House beta last year, we've seen our global community of effect creators bring their creativity to life in so many ways. Effects created for TikTok drive culture, shape trends, power storytelling, and inspire creative expression.

"We’ve seen brands use effects on TikTok in all kinds of creative ways to reach new audiences, share stories, and build community,” said Greg Feingold, Effect House Community Lead. "By working with top Effect House creators to create effects, brands can further harness the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community.”

Microsoft 365 and their agency Superdigital recently turned to the creativity of Effect House to create the WordArt You effect in partnership with Effect House creators Eddy Adams (@eddyin3d) and Jan Trejo (@janmahavan), ultimately kicking off a global conversation around the nostalgia of Word Art and generating over 126k videos viewed by millions across TikTok.

@microsoft365 Which style did you get? Tag us in your videos #WordArt #WordArtFilter ♬ Caramel Latte - Prod. By Rose

TikTok empowers brands to become innovative storytellers and supercharge their engagement with customers. According to recent studies, 79% of users agree TikTok is a place for brands to demonstrate personality and express themselves, (1) 61% of users like brands better when they create or participate in a trend on TikTok, (2) and 73% of users feel a deeper connection to brands they interact with on TikTok, compared to other platforms. (1) We have seen brands such as Universal Pictures, Samsung, and Netflix use Branded Effects to further engage with the TikTok community and drive positive ad recall.

At TikTok, we are continuously building innovative tools for brands to authentically connect and engage with the TikTok community. Branded Effects can be bundled with Branded Mission, In-feed ads, Top View ads or any of our standard ad formats as we continue building innovative tools for brands to authentically connect and engage with the TikTok community. To get started with a Branded Effect, talk to your TikTok account representative to book a campaign. To create a Branded Effect, fill out this interest form. Learn more about Branded Effects in Effect House and stay tuned for more updates from Effect House.

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