This week, TikTok creators spun out with the "Microwave Challenge," got frustrated with day to day downfalls, and did math wrong. All while continuing to create new and original videos featuring a suspicious car win and possibly the best slide ever created!

Video Trend of the Week

The Microwave Challenge combines human determination and creativity to make a person spin smoothy like they're in a microwave. With no visible way of moving, the effect has baffled countless viewers and gotten one trippy song stuck in all of our heads. See if you can figure out how this mind-bending effect is done.




Worth a Watch

  1. @r4echel did a bad thing, but it got her on this list so.....worth it?

2. @kaeoz1 found the worlds most interesting slide!

3. @itseliott won a car out of a game machine! It's definitely 100% real!

4. @jasoncoffee plays a prank and gives his dad a mini heart attack.

5. @javilq shows the power of friendship.

Featured Creator of the Week


Some people say that lawyers are boring, stuffy, over cautious.....I forget where I was going with this but Anthony Barbuto is pretty entertaining. Check out this lawyer who knows how to let his hair down and dance!

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#justmyluck: This tag highlights those moments when life just doesn't go your way.

#fakemath: Please don't use this to study for your exams.