TikTok users remixed Russian cereal commercial to created the #MiPan top trend. Take a deeper look at content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects. 

Current Top Trend: #MiPan

The TikTok community has embraced a remixed Russian cereal commercial song from 2010, because why not. Built around a jingle for the Russian cereal, "Miel Pops," the #MiPan trend started when Russian user @chernaya.princessa, who uploaded an a cappella cover of the song on May 27th. 

The track moved through TikTok videos, before eventually being remixed by @isterrrrika, who raised the pitch and sped up the track while setting it on top of gameplay footage from video game, Roblox. The audio was discovered by @awa_de_horchata_uwu, who used the sound as the backdrop for an animated dancing llama, helping the song take off on "Alt TikTok," the side of TikTok known for less mainstream tastes. Videos using the sound feature similar dances with bread and quirky "Alt TikTok" content. 

This trend shows how sounds can spread across countries and languages on TikTok and that anything can turn into a viral sensation on the app. Songs may spring to #1 like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP," and they can rise through a slower burn. If you aren't sure what to think of this unique trend, then you're clearly too mainstream for "Alt TikTok."



♬ Mi Pan Su Sus - itzmilpops

Notable Video

New Effect: Green Screen Tile

The new "Green Screen Tile" is latest in TikTok's line of popular green screen effect. This edition lets users replace their background with a tiled version of their camera, adding to the diversity and impact of videos. 

Hot Track: Bulletproof

La Roux's "Bulletproof" has become a top song on TikTok with the help of a trend where users explained what made them emotionally bulletproof. The trend opens with a caption that reads "You think you can hurt my feelings?" before the user lists something they were made fun of for now or when they were younger. Whether that be a family connection, physical feature, or something more personal, these users have banned together to show how they can withstand hurtful words. 

Creator Spotlight: My Nguyen

My Nguyen, otherwise known as @myhealthydish, might not always make healthy dishes but they're always delicious, at least in most users' eyes. This culinary creator was voluntarily roasted by Gordon Ramsay for her low carb bell pepper sandwich. Despite Ramsay's harsh words, the duet helped Nguyen gain exposure and grow her dedicated following of up-in-coming home chefs who love delicious, healthy cooking. 

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