TikTok users have put a comedic twist on a dramatic sound with the #IAmLost trend. Take a deeper look at content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects from the past week.

Current Top Trend: #IAmLost

The TikTok community put a comedic twist on a serious bit of audio to create the #IAmLost trend. Built around The Irrepressibles's song "In This Shirt," users created content that focused on the lyrics "I am lost" which repeat throughout the clip alongside a dramatic upswell in background music. 

Initially, the song gained popularity with users as a tool for dramatic videos that used text-based storytelling and camera roll footage. But over time, this format shifted as users embraced more comedic scenarios, contrasting the serious audio with comedic caricatures of "lost items." Ranging from "ice stuck to the bottom of a glass" to "laptops with dead batteries" and "coffee cups left in the aisles at Target," the content is diverse and appeals to a variety of audiences.

This trend shows how music on TikTok spreads across content genres, and like Creative Effects, can take some time before our community finds a creative format that works perfectly with the platform. Trends, formats and sounds can experience dramatic shifts in just a few hours on TikTok. On TikTok, users are creatively finding new ways to use old sounds, helping trends like this evolve.

Notable Video


##duet with @brentrivera always DRY BLOT! 😅

♬ original sound - brentrivera

New Effect: World Color Change

World Color Change lets users modify the color in their videos to create a unique image or vibe that best suits their content. This creative effect is perfect for anyone looking to and interesting visuals and lighting to elevate their TikToks.   

Hot Track: PYRO

Chester Young & Castion's club banger "PYRO" has inspired TikTok users to show off their celebrity doppelganger and editing skills in the popular #LookalikeEdit trend. The intense beats of "PYRO" matches the quick clip changes helping create a trend that is mesmerizing and for the eyes and ears. 

Creator Spotlight: Elliott Norris

Elliot Norris is making a splash with his cooking videos titled "My Gay Kitchen." Elliot shows users the healthy dishes he's made during quarantine that's helped him het in shape. Elliot is an American and French citizen who's been living in France for several weeks during the pandemic, taking his cooking and food content abroad and showing what life is like outside of the states. 

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