TikTok creators show off their furry friends with the #HereComesTheBoy trend. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: #HereComesTheBoy

We all treat our pets like royalty, and this week, TikTok creators highlighted the majesty of their pets with the #HereComesTheBoy trend.

The trend began when TikTok creator @june_banoon sang an original melody while her neighbor's cat, called Mashed Potatoes, walked up the driveway. The impromptu song's relaxing vocals and melody inspired other creators to showcase their own pets in a glamorous fashion. Musicians on TikTok collaborated with the acapella song using the Duet feature and added instrumentals creating a dreamy sound. The new audio inspired countless videos showing pets in slow motion or in magical settings.

#HereComesTheBoy combines adorable pets with a collaborative sound to make a trend that all pet owners can participate in and all pet lovers can enjoy.


Reply to @kimbokak THANK U GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE, WASNTING EXPECTING TO WAKE UP TO THIS BUT TY #piano #catsoftiktok #music


Notable Video

Hot Track: Know Yourself

Drake's "Know Yourself" (once a very popular sound on #ShoeTok) has seen a resurgence after becoming the soundtrack to one of TikTok's newest trends, #deeprealization. The new trend takes its cues from "Know Yourself" and its famous line "I was running through The 6 with my woes," playing on Drake's dramatic escalation during the repetition of the lyric. The songs current popularity is an example of how TikTok can breathe new life into great songs.

Hot Effect: Pet Thought Bubble

The Pet Thought Bubble lets creators share what they think is on their pets' minds. But be careful, our fluffy friends might not always be thinking what we expect.

Creator Spotlight: @dearmodern

Cliff Tan - AKA @dearmodern - is an architect and interior designer who specializes in helping people get the most out of their spaces. Using a unique set of miniatures and over 15 years of experience in planning and space optimization, Cliff gives practical, engaging advice for people living in a variety of spaces. From laying out the most common room size in the world to setting up the perfect living room, there's no room left unfurnished.

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