TikTok creators have us laughing with the #InspirationalQuotes trend. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #InspirationalQuotes  

Every phrase can be inspirational when placed in front of a scenic backdrop. The TikTok community combined relatable experiences, the ambiguity of modern communication, and a touch of sarcasm to create (not so) inspirational quotes.

Set to the sound of Vanessa Carlton's 2001 track, "A Thousand Miles," the #InspirationalQuotes trend take snippets of text messages, direct messages and voicemails, and place them against stock imagery, creating scenes reminiscent of classic motivational posters.

From text messages between parents and children, to statements from university professors, and comments from coaches, the format is extremely flexible, enabling trend participation from across the entire TikTok community. Further, the contrast between the messages and the Vanessa Carlton track created simple, clean, and easy-to-digest moments of comedy.

More and more we're starting to see trends gain popularity across various the communities on TikTok. Trends like this, which make joining in is as easy as searching your old texts, can encourage users who may typically be less willing to create content, leading to eclectic content made by creators with a variety of perspectives.

Notable Video

Hot Track: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys  

Kevin MacLeod's "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" has become the go-to sound for videos depicting comedic moments and wacky hijinks. From well crafted pranks to adorable cat videos, this sound sets the tone for all types of funny videos.

Hot Effect: Flip Card  

TikTok creates new creative effects to help everyday users make videos that would usually take advanced editing skills. The Flip Card effect takes a picture and flips it with a variety of graphics. Creators have utilized this effect comedically to freeze frame on videos where they're angry.

Creator Spotlight: @heyeliza  

Chance Moore and Kate Hudson are parents to Eliza, an amazing and beautiful 10-month old girl battling cancer. Chance and Kate share videos about their lives as a family dealing with a very tough situation. Their videos of positivity and optimism have amassed a dedicated following of fans who are inspired by the family every day.


Our favorite hospital activity!!

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