TikTok creators share their life goals with #DontBeSurprised. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: #DontBeSurprised

This week the TikTok community bonded over a shared desire to follow their dreams and become who they were meant to be with the trend, #DontBeSurprised. The trend starts with the line "Don't be surprised if I just," before showcasing a series of images that depict the creators ideal life while the song "Go Down on You" by The Memories plays in the background.

The #DontBeSurprised trend was started by the creator @notgodhimselflol who referenced the book and film "Into the Wild" hinting that he would ideally leave society and drop off the grid. Other creators have joined in on the sentiment of ditching urban environments for more scenic surroundings while others just want to stay at home with their cats.

#DontBeSurprised offers creators a chance to share some of their life goals while connecting with other users who feel the same way. A wholesome trend that'll make your day.


I couldn’t find the white new new balances so had to go with the asics running shoes, v sorry #dad #dadoutfit #bbq #dadfit

♬ not my sound idk what happened - Red A

Notable Video

Hot Track: Hope (feat. Faith Evans)

Twista's "Hope (feat. Faith Evans)" is an inspirational song that has become the soundtrack to a comedic trend on TikTok. Creators pretend they're at the end of a movie and perform a freeze frame while captions appear to give background on the moment.

Hot Effect: Neon Twin

The Neon Twin creative effect shows a colorful double of the creator in the frame. The twin acts as a mirror image letting creators perform unique physical actions that fit the engaging feature.

Creator Spotlight: @8illy

Billy - better known as 8illy - is a multitalented creator with a Cantonese-Chinese background, who uses his unique editing style to create captivating videos, comedic content, and short films. His videos take several different directions from making a playlist for fans to enjoy to being transported into a cardboard world.


cardboard billy 2: his birthday 🎈

♬ original sound - billy ⁸

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