By Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships, TikTok

From endearing toddlers with big attitudes to grandmas with hilarious one-liners, TikTok transcends generations and brings families together to create, have fun, and be entertained. TikTok is a source of joy and inspiration, and it helps keep millions of families connected.

To recognize this unique community of creators, today we're introducing TikTok Runs In The Family, a report that explores popular creators, videos, hashtags, and trends from this year that helped families grow more connected, laugh uncontrollably, and find a second family through the TikTok community.

Here are some of the highlights from this year's report.


From the latest trends to popular effects to rising hashtags, these creations are the #familytok of the town!

  • Popular creative effects: TikTok's creative effects, like Vintage Camcorder and Disco, have given families limitless space for creativity, from parents and their kids doing the ultimate throwback to demonstrating why Hispanic birthday parties are always more fun.
@tiktoknewsroom From the latest trends to rising hashtags, videos featured in our first family trend report are the #familytok of the town #TikTokRunsInTheFamily ♬ original sound - TikTok Newsroom

Keeping up with the creators

From standout creators to breakthrough videos to dynamic brand partnerships, we're all about keeping up with some of the most beloved family creators on TikTok.

  • Brand partnerships: TikTok provides brands with an authentic way to connect with potential customers and, this year, we’ve seen many brands successfully partner with creators like @Team2Moms and @TwoTrends who helped brands create a buzz and reach new audiences.
@tiktoknewsroom From standout creators to breakthrough videos, we're all about the creators featured in our first family trend report #TikTokRunsInTheFamily ♬ original sound - TikTok Newsroom

Check out TikTok Runs In The Family for a full list of creators and trends that are bringing families together!