With a diverse, global community full of creativity, laughter, and entertainment, TikTok is place where everyone and anyone can authentically express themselves in a safe environment. From new dads like artist @jasonderulo to the parents who have been busy doing #BackToSchoolShopping, families of all sizes and backgrounds are showing how much fun they're having together as they share their lives and find community on TikTok.

Family fun: DO try this at home!

It's that special time of year when everyone in the house is getting ready for the kids to go back to school. While this year brings its own unique challenges to the back-to-school season, parents and teens on TikTok are finding ways to help make #BacktoSchoolShopping (15M views) a breeze. Whether they're sharing where to find the best budget shopping or inspo for aesthetically pleasing and holy grail school supplies, the TikTok community is ready to take on the new school year.

Creator corner: A TikTok creator you should follow ASAP

Parents and kids aren't the only ones getting ready to go back to school. Callie Evans (@_coolcal) is an art teacher in Georgia, and as her username suggests, she’s one of the coolest teachers on TikTok. From sharing her student's excitement after he passed a test to her incredible education-related rap music videos, Mrs. Evans is capable of getting anyone excited about school and learning.

Real celebs of Tiktok: They’re just like us!

With more than 48M followers, Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) is the unofficial king of TikTok and now he’s a new dad! While his hits like Savage Love and Jalebi Baby have taken off on TikTok, Jason also uses the platform to share his fun family life with the community, including hilarious videos with his girlfriend Jena, cooking up his unique food creations, and sharing a glimpse into how he rocks his baby boy to sleep. It’s no wonder Jason’s found immense success on TikTok over the last year.