This year, families are experiencing a holiday season like never before. A time of year typically filled with gatherings of friends and family are now spent social distancing and staying "in your pod." This feeling led to a unique mix of nostalgia and longing that TikTok creators expressed through their content. One creator even made a video remembering a classic Cheerios commercial from the 90s and explained how it could apply to 2020.


Listen you guys I just really love emotionally manipulative advertising 😭 #generalmills #cheerios #christmascommercial #fyp #foryou #WorkingAtHome

♬ original sound - Cori Spruiell

The video touched a feeling that so many of us have, and Cheerios, listening to the community, looked to recreate this moment of togetherness to bring the community's idea to life. They quickly got to work writing, producing, and hunting down all of the original actors - baby included - before releasing a series of TikTok videos announcing that the 20 year old commercial was getting the "part 2" everyone wanted.

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, Cheerios released the new made-for-TikTok commercial packed with all of the emotions and nostalgia users were hoping for during this challenging holiday season.


Check out parts 1-3 for full story! @corispruiell

♬ original sound - cheerios

The process for creating this one of a kind commercial reboot was one of the ways TikTok connects communities and launches ideas. Plus, it gave everyone involved some much needed warm feelings during a time when we might not be able to be near the ones we love.