Science is based on facts and observation but can sometimes seem like magic. Professors and other creators on TikTok have given us a look into this intriguing world with a crop of videos demonstrating the amazing effects of scientific knowledge. Experiments conducted all over the place, from inside the lab, to classrooms, to user's backyards have exploded (pun intended) onto TikTok with mass x acceleration (force). Plus some clever creators have begun using their scientific knowledge to make jokes and take part in trends. Take a look and enjoy being entertained and educated.

The intrigue in polymerization of sodium alginate

David Dobrik takes elephant toothpaste to the next level

Physics is magic 

A live human brain and brief explanation of its development 

Only cells during mitosis will understand

Digesting Gummy Bears in the classroom

This biochem lab party is exclusive

Fun with smoke and bubbles 

We were not prepared for this science 

Liquid nitrogen rockets flying off into the wild blue yonder

Spelling compliments with the periodic table

And also insults