Every day, you come to TikTok to power your small businesses, create or discover unique content, or simply exercise your right to free expression.

But the Montana legislature is considering banning all Montanans from accessing TikTok’s platform, including on personal devices. The state Senate has already approved the measure, and the House of Representatives will take it up soon.

If it passes, what will it mean for you?

If you search for TikTok in the app store, you won’t find us.

If you press the TikTok icon on your phone, it won’t load.

If you're a fan of #booktok, #rodeotok, DIY projects, or slam dunk competitions: this wasn't our decision.

We’re especially sorry to the thousands of Montana businesses that use our app to boost sales and find new customers. (We'll miss you, @whitebearmocs, and your amazing TikToks showing how to hand make bison leather moccasins!)

Why is this happening?

The ban's sponsors say it will address national security concerns, that TikTok operates as a surveillance tool of the Chinese government. That's simply not true. The fact is, all data for our U.S. users is stored on servers in the United States, and U.S.-based personnel manage access to that data and the algorithms that determine your For You feed.

Montana’s bill isn’t about making users safe, it's about unilaterally restricting the freedom of Montanans based on nothing more than fears and falsehoods.

We hope that if Montana officials learn about the real TikTok—the TikTok that supports Montana's small businesses, helps Montanans learn, share, and connect, and brings joy to our billion-strong community worldwide—they might change their minds.

There’s still time.

No government, as far as we know, has ever told Americans what they can or can't download from an app store or access on the web. This is a decision that deserves a second look.

If you're a TikTok user in Montana, you can let your state representative know that you oppose a statewide ban on TikTok by calling (406) 444-4800 or you can email the Governor directly at governor@mt.gov. If you're a content creator, use the tag #MTLovesTikTok to let your community know what's happening.