This week, TikTok creators revealed their origins while gamers transported themselves in their favorite video games and dorm life popped off. Plus BTS joined TikTok and brought their army to make the fastest growing profile ever created.

Top Video Trend of the Week

Some moms met some dads and they fell in love and they had the "This is my family" trend. Through combining images of real or fictional parents, users showed the two people that combine to create their look. People, pets, and inanimate objects were all included in the origin tales of a life that's "kind of crazy."

Weekly Worth a Watch

  1. BTW BTS is on TikTok
  2. There's only one way to handle Karen.
  3. Jared Leto joins in the crowd!


Zahra is a college junior who vlogs, gets trendy, shows off her collection of headscarves, and creates unique content about her life as a modern Muslim. By answering user questions in a fun, entertaining format, she lets TikTok get to know her on a more personal level than most creators. With videos featuring her younger brother, Zahra has tuned TikTok into a family affair.

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#GreenScreenGaming: Get in the game!

#DormLife: Ramen, laundry, and hallway pranks. Welcome to college.