Whether you've tuned in to get a front-row seat for Gimme the Mic , made it to the finals of TikTok Trivia, or participated in a recent Q&A with one of your favorite creators, TikTok LIVE brings communities from around the world together to engage in fun, entertaining experiences. Creators continue to inspire and connect global communities and we're excited to celebrate creators who are building truly memorable moments with our launch of LIVE Fest.

LIVE Fest is a global event across 50+ countries and regions that will recognize and celebrate top creators. Throughout the event, creators have the opportunity to collect rewards for going LIVE, connect with other creators, and share their creativity with a global audience. Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing updates on @TikTokLIVE_US about the event and how to join in the fun.

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Starting later this month, the event will be open to all eligible creators and there are many ways to participate in LIVE Fest. The easiest is by going LIVE during the campaign period. Other ways to level-up participation include special LIVE Fest challenges and community rankings. During the event, creators will be ranked automatically based on the points they collect during LIVE Fest. The top-ranked creators will be eligible to receive rewards. Winners may also be invited to a VIP global creator award event early next year, receive extra Diamond rewards, and more.

Getting started with LIVE

If you're a creator, we know you may be wondering about the basics for going LIVE. Here is where to begin:

  1. Are you an eligible creator over the age of 18? Great, head to step 2.
  2. Tap the Create icon on the home screen (it's the plus sign at the bottom of the navigation screen).
  3. Swipe left all the way to LIVE in the bottom navigation, pick an image, and write a title for your stream. Tip: Make your cover image exciting to get people to want to join your LIV
  4. Once you’re ready, press Go LIVE to start your stream! Once you’re LIVE, you can tap the three dots to change a variety of settings. You can flip the camera, add effects, filter comments, and even add moderators (up to 20)
  5. When you’re ready to end your LIVE, tap the X in the top corner.

How creators can get rewarded and earn with LIVE Fest


LIVE Gifts is one feature that can help creators collect Diamonds rewards, which are awarded based on the popularity of your LIVE videos. Creators who receive Diamonds rewards from TikTok may also be eligible to receive actual money for their contributions to the platform. Once you turn on LIVE Gifts and go LIVE, your viewers can send virtual Gifts that will pop up on the screen. These Gifts allow your viewers to react and show their appreciation for your content in real time, and are one of the ways your viewers can make your content popular. As your content becomes more popular, we’ll reward you with more Diamonds. At the end of your LIVE, you'll see the total number of Diamonds collected in your LIVE summary. Learn more about LIVE Gifts on our Creator Portal.

We can't wait to host our most exciting creator event and to celebrate even more of our LIVE creators. Whether you're a creator or community member, tune in to TikTok LIVE Fest to discover the best of TikTok's livestreams around the world, connect with creators in real-time, and support our talented creators. We hope to see you there! Click here to learn more on TikTok LIVE Fest.

*criteria may vary by region.