TikTok is a family affair and as Father's Day approaches, we wanted to take a second to celebrate the dads of TikTok. These pops can do hair, cheer on great diving, and even have a mid-life crisis all while raising a family! So before everyone spends a day celebrating the father in their life, take a second to be entertained by the dads who share their parenting skills on TikTok.

@arnoldschnitzel takes time away from terminating to be a dad.

@d_damodel shows us how cool dads do hair.

@aspiringdisneyprincess and her dad go toe-to-toe in a kung fu showdown.

@tommypiowaty illustrates the struggle of staying enthusiastic.

When dads are inadvertently hip.

TikTok is adding several father themed stickers for everyone to use in the app this week. From "Dad Bods" to "Dad Jokes," these stickers will let users express themselves with even more creativity on Father's Day.