Gaming and social media have exploded in mainstream popularity over the past generation, joining hands to amplify each others success. This partnership has been on full display as gamers utilize TikTok to create and share videos across social platforms, showing an original, creative side of gamers that strikes a chord with anyone who's ever picked up a controller.

With the popularity of video games – particularly among Millennials and Gen Z – gaming has birthed a rapidly growing fan base that's searching for the best ways to create and view new content around their favorite games. TikTok lets gamers use the short-form video format to focus on specific moments, the player, and culture surrounding the games and consoles they love (and love to hate).

TikTok makes it easy for anyone to create entertaining short-form videos, and encourages users to make videos about their passions. Using TikTok's unique format and editing tools, gamers have developed a creative way to show off their skills, make inside jokes, and depict the emotions surrounding gaming culture. Take, for example, a trending video format where players reminisce on consoles past, set to nostalgic music from the movie "Up." Countless gamers can identify with this feeling and they join in on TikTok, creating their own emotional video game moments to share with the community.

Gameplay continues to have a vital role in the content, but short-form video parameters push creators to show off specific skills instead of playing lengthy games with several minutes of down time. If you're not familiar with specific video games, this can also be an entertaining introduction. The community is loving this video from Fortnite, where one gamer creates a song using items, game mechanics, and what we assume is a hefty chunk of free time.

TikTok offers a view of gaming that anyone can relate to, but inside jokes focusing solely on culture are also flourishing. Duets about the pains of picking characters for the game you're about to play, commentary on which video game console is the best, and videos of people misusing their systems are just a few topics that only gamers will understand but have found success on TikTok. There are even videos made specifically for gaming significant others. This type of content allows gamers to laugh at what it means to be a gamer instead of focusing on specific gaming titles or competitions. It's content about a community.

As more gamers flock to TikTok, we're excited to watch the gaming community fuel originality and continue to build upon the wave of popularity that is modern gaming. The popularity of video game content on TikTok is a signal that gaming culture has found a new home to show its creativity and continue to grow an established community.