Recently, a trend started that went beyond a specific meme or choreography craze and moved into a thematic genre. This genre is fish content. Fish content, found under #fishcontent and #morefishcontent, is anything pertaining to fish. The first rule of fish content is that there's no specific type of fish or video style required, just put a fish in there and you're practically under the sea. While some people might not understand the immediate appeal of fish content, creators and users across TikTok have acquired a taste for #morefishcontent. 

@karalynndunton starts the trend with a TikTok dressed as a fish

Popular creator spawns fishy puns


#backatwork today to make #fishcontent. You’re welcome, karalynndunton.

♬ Fish jokes - washingtonpost

Some acquiesce to the request

While other users are confused

#morefishcontent begins to trend

And the fish content flows

Fish content may never die


FISH KIDS. GET THIS TO ELLEN. #morefishcontent #takejohnsbeard beerbongjohn ashleybythesea ninjakowski freshprinceofnohair ellendegeneres

♬ original sound - karalynndunton