On TikTok, we don't talk about Bruno, but we listen, sing, dance, and create to his anthem and other songs from Disney's Academy Award nominated hit, Encanto. Since its December 24th release, Encanto videos have pervaded TikTok, resulting in five different songs from the movie trending on the platform. Composer and genius Lin-Manuel Miranda's songs have a history of resonating with countless listeners as hits from Hamilton and In the Heights spark trends and inspire creators to express themselves. The engrossing songs of Encanto are no different. In light of this success, Lin-Manuel Miranda gave a special thanks to the TikTok community for their support, creativity, and love for the Encanto soundtrack.

Encanto, which takes place in Colombia and celebrates Latinx culture, music, and representation, has inspired creators to share what makes them unique and what the film meant to them. Sharing the importance of representation in film, they help educate and inspire TikTok while expressing pride in themselves and their culture.

We Don't Talk About Bruno has seen the most use with over 1 million videos using the song as their soundtrack. Notable uses of the song include a recreation of the film's dance, Encanto inspired cake decorations on more than one occasion, spot on cosplays, and more. Stephanie Beatriz, the voice of Mirabel, even joined in on the fun to channel her inner Felix and Pepa. Since becoming a hit on TikTok, Lin-Manuel Miranda's soundtrack tune has become the biggest Disney animated musical success on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1995. Reaching #1 on the charts and beating out incredible songs like Frozen's Let It Go, We Don't Talk About Bruno is another example of songs reaching incredible heights with the help of TikTok creators.

Dos Oruguitas -which is the soundtrack to more than 33.1k videos - is an acoustic, Spanish-language ballad and the film's Oscar contender. With a melody that pulls at listener's heart strings and message that transcends language, it's easy to see why the Academy has nominated this song for an award. Creators on TikTok have leaned into the emotional tone of the song to share heartwarming moments in their lives that - like the song - are more than likely to make your eyes misty. Artists have also featured the song as a backdrop to share the imagined stories of other characters from Encanto, using the film as a jumping off point to showcase their own talents.

Beyond these two recognizable songs lie an album full of tunes that creators have rallied behind. They showcase the impact songs like Surface Pressure - currently with 169.6k creates - have on the lives of themselves and their loved ones. With hashtags like #OldestChild, #Siblings, and #OldestSister frequently being used with the song, Surface Pressure addresses family positions in a genuine, relatable way. Whether it's a family acknowledging their Louisa or a comedic take on the song's surprising impact, the song is a clear example of how Encanto's album has connected with audiences across backgrounds while sparking a moment in pop culture that has defined the beginning of 2022.

The upbeat songs The Family Madriga and What Else Can I Do? - having been used 311.9k and 111.4k times respectively - are popular choices for users to flex their creativity or show love for specific characters with #EncantoCosplay and #EncantoFanArt of their favorite characters, the top three character hashtags being #Bruno, #CamiloMadrigal, and #MirabelMadrigal. Popular comedic trends surrounding the film have also sprung up with the soundtrack, including the #candle trend, where creators blow out the family candle after being treated like Mirabel was in the movie.

The success of Encanto's soundtrack on TikTok has solidified the film as a cultural phenomenon and helped propel its songs to the top of the Billboard charts and a noteworthy Oscar nomination. Each song on the album lends itself to a different type of content or emotion leading to trends that range from lively, elaborate dances to emotional confessions that, like the film, will leave a tear in your eye.

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