Next up on our Creator Spotlight series is Mya Pol, aka @immarollwithit, a sun-loving, tree-hugging, self-named "wheelie lady" who radiates warmth and positivity wherever she goes. As a disabled creator she shares her joy and passions through dance and sharing her experiences, all while teaching and empowering her communities with educational content. Learn more about Mya and her take on life and content creation, below.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Black community?

I am proud to be a member of the Black community. I see all the beauty and power I have, while recognizing the ugly presence of racism. As a Black woman adopted into a white family, I had to search for what it meant to be Black by myself, and how to connect with a community I didn’t grow up with. I went to predominately white schools where teachers and students would make comments about my hair. My natural curls were never something to be embraced. By diving into my hair journey, learning to love and nourish my curls, and wearing braids and other protective styles, I connected with more people in my community, which helped me connect with myself.

I seek Black joy every chance I have. When living in a world ripe with racism, it is important to focus on and celebrate all that we have. The world is not made for people with identities like mine — my existence is resistance as a disabled Black woman and I will continue to shine.

How has the TikTok community inspired you?

Last year, my dog died and I was so heartbroken. After some time passed, I knew I wanted another dog but would realistically need a service dog to help with my disability. I couldn’t afford it, so I began fundraising by dancing on TikTok. It was incredible to see the massive immediate and positive response. I was able to make $20k through my GoFundMe in just a few months. The power and support from this platform blew me away. In addition, TikTok has connected me to so many amazing people. I have found other incredible advocates who inspire and educate me, and I’ve found love and support from many.

What are some of your passions on and off of TikTok?

I absolutely adore dancing on TikTok. I love adapting dances and creating new ones that feel good for my body. I also love making my educational content. Ignorance around disabilities further perpetrates harm, but I have the opportunity to educate and combat against that. I am the change I want to see in the world.

Off the app, I do a lot of advocacy. I am currently campaigning for inclusion and physical access at my university by consulting with the countless administrators on campus. I also enjoy painting and playing piano. They’re fun, relaxing activities that I enjoyed before my disability began and am still able to do. I also love spending time outside, connecting with nature, and soaking in the sunshine.

What are some communities you identify with?

I identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and care very much about mental health. I love discussing mental health and talking about how my journey and perspective on life has enabled me to get through my disability. I also love watching TravelTok and seeing beautiful destinations. I'd love to partner with a travel agency to help them with accessible travel. I also love the dog training community on TikTok and seeing all the cute puppies out there.

How can people be better allies?

Listening, understanding, amplifying and supporting disabled voices in physical and actionable ways. A big issue is the lack of awareness of what disabled needs are. Do something in your community that will make real, meaningful change for accessibility. For example, call out businesses for not being accessible or having ramps.