This week, wholesome videos took the spotlight on TikTok with the top trend, our featured creator, and our most popular hashtags. There's even a video of a koala helping another koala out of a tree! It's a week of warm fuzzies, so grab a snuggie and get comfortable!

Top Video Trend of the Week

TikTok loves a good joke, a funny twist, and a positive outlook, and this weeks top trend combines all three to create a "Wholesome Twist." Mashing up the intense soundtrack from the movie Us with lighter music to close, this trend takes bad days and insults and turns them into a wholesome calling card to brighten your day.  

Weekly Worth a Watch

  1. @ethantok shows us how his dog handles dropped food
  2. @theavila_fam44 pranks her boyfriend on Easter
  3. @hosedragger911 shows us the one word firemen hate
  4. Koala mom helps koala baby get down from a tree
  5. @wackwizard shows off the long jump that helped win state

Featured Creator of the Week


Oregon resident Jake Colvin loves walking along the coast and sharing interesting facts about local sea life. With a passion for saving the ocean, Jake touches jelly fish, kisses crabs, and keeps TikTok users informed about the importance of sea creatures. Take a look at his channel and discover new, interesting animals you didn't know about.

Top Hashtags

#WholesomeTikTok: A steady stream of wholesome, uplifting content.

#GoOutside: TikTok takes on the outdoors. Anything and everything in nature can be found in this hashtag!