Whether you're into sci-fi, mystery, romance or sci-fi mystery romance books, or identify as anything from a casual reader to a bookworm, every type of reader can find their unique community on #BookTok. With over 77 billion views globally to date, #BookTok is one of our most popular hashtags, connecting a vibrant, global community of creative people who share a passion for reading. As our #BookTok community continues to grow, we're excited to announce a new feature for our BookTok community to share their favorite books and connect on a deeper level.

Developed in collaboration with our launch partner Penguin Random House, this feature allows users to now link their favorite Penguin Random House books within their videos. Clicking the link directs people to a dedicated page with details about the book, including a brief summary, and a collection of other videos that linked the same title.

Users in the US and UK can now access the BookTok feature by clicking "Add Link" and searching for "Book" before posting their video. Users can tag any Penguin Random House title available in their respective country and once the video is posted, the selected title(s) will be featured above the captions. Users can also save titles to their "Favorites" tab on their profiles.

“Nothing else engages readers like #BookTok—it brings books to life in a whole new way,” said Alyssa Castaneda, Head of Social, Penguin Random House U.S. “At the same time, #BookTok validates that word of mouth is still the most powerful force for our industry. People want to know how a book will make them feel, and TikTok values authenticity more than any other platform. We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with TikTok to make the best parts of the platform—discovery and community—even stronger.”

From book reviews to writing tips, plot reenactments of popular novels and more, #BookTok is a delightful, wholesome corner of TikTok that encourages and inspires others to enjoy literature in all of its forms. We've watched #BookTok help reignite a love and interest for reading while growing a community of book lovers on and off the platform, further fueling our motivation and commitment to continue innovating on the behalf of our community. We learn from our community every day, listening to deliver an experience in which anyone can easily create and discover content that is relatable, enjoyable, and shareable.

Earlier this summer, we launched the #BookTokChallenge to encourage people to discover and read new books and authors, and share their thoughts with the TikTok community. In tandem with the #BookTokChallenge, we launched our #BookTok hub to drive book discoverability IRL beyond the app and further connect our book-loving global community.