In remembrance of Juneteenth, we're spotlighting inspirational Black creatives who are using TikTok to share their personal stories, educate online communities about the spectrum of Black existence, and celebrate the rich cultures of the African Diaspora. The Juneteenth holiday, also known as 'Freedom Day,' has been commemorated and observed by the Black community for centuries. It's important that we take time to reflect on Black history and honor the stories and experiences of the Black community.

This month and beyond, we're elevating the Black voices who play a significant role in making the TikTok community so special. Meet some of the incredible creators from our #BlackTikTok community who share educational content about the impact of Black artists on music, the unfamiliar parts of Black history, and the undeniable influence of Black creativity on mainstream culture.

@cultureunfilteredCulture Unfiltered, spearheaded by former radio host and music blogger Masani Musa, is a hub for music discovery and dialogue surrounding popular culture and trending news in music. Masani was also recently named a 2022 Black TikTok Trailblazer.

@joelbervellJoel Bervell is a medical student committed to fighting health disparities in medicine through education, and regularly shares insights on racial disparities and biases in healthcare on TikTok. Joel was also recently featured as a "Changemaker" on TikTok's Discover List.

@joelbervell May is skin cancer awareness month! Let’s talk about Melanoma in darker skin tones, especially Acral Lentiginous Melanoma. @joelbervell #melanoma #skincancer #learnontiktok #melanomaawareness #representationmatters ♬ Stranger Things - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

@kahlilgreeneKahlil Greene, aka "the Gen Z Historian," on TikTok, uses the platform to shed light on the lesser-known facts of U.S. history and politics. His informative, "edutainment" videos share intriguing and thought-provoking stories about Black history and culture.

@taylorcassidyjTaylor Cassidy is a content creator on TikTok who uses her quick wit and strong passion to teach millions about unsung figures in Black history. As seen in her video series “Fast Black History” and “Black Girl Magic Minute,” she uses her platform to advocate for inclusion, representation, and love for one’s culture.

@whatsgoodenglishE.K. Powell explains AAVE (African American Vernacular English) through his educational channel What’s Good English, raising awareness of this way of speaking the language which has provided (and still provides) many common phrases and words native speakers use today. He hopes to erase the stigma attached to AAVE and show that it’s not "bad" or "broken" English, nor do its speakers lack intelligence or education — it‘s just one of the many variants of English and deserves respect.

Celebrating #Juneteenth

TikTok is a platform for creative joy and inspiration, and it’s made better because of our diverse community of Black creators. Thank you to #BlackTikTok for continuing to inspire millions around the world. Today, we're launching in-app programming for the #Juneteenth hashtag, where you can discover more inspiring stories and educational content from the #BlackTikTok community. Be sure to also follow #Juneteenth, as well as @blacktiktok, a TikTok account dedicated to all the incredible content Black creatives are sharing with the larger TikTok community, year-round.