Gaming culture has exploded on TikTok creating a community of gamers who share those relatable moments that you can only get when you combine video games with creative video making. With short videos depicting the highs and lows that come with taking part in the competitive landscape, as well as relatable moments to laugh about, gaming content is a vital part of TikTok. Check out some of TikTok's gaming content that hits home with anyone who's ever picked up a controller here and on trending hashtag #gameover.

Not every game can make the Hall of Fame

@thanossauce depicts the resurrection of Minecraft, but was it every really gone in the first place?

@matpatgt is a dedicated Switch player.

If you can't beat 'em....leave the game completely

@odinmakes shows us how to DIY a Chain Chomp

Nintendo Cosplaying at its finest.

The "p" in "pong" stands for "people"