Since we launched #LearnOnTikTok just three months ago we've discovered hippos can sleep underwater (who knew?!), found out how to make food from around the world and taught ourselves how to look after our mental health.

#LearnOnTikTok is our dedicated long-term programme that brings educators, experts, real-world skills creators and non-profits together to build an ecosystem of learning content to educate, inform and entertain you and the whole of the TikTok community. 

And now, we're delighted to share the latest TikTok creators, partners and celebrities who will be joining the #LearnOnTikTok programme 🙌

Whether you want to find out some facts about love <3, ice a cupcake, or learn about fossils, we have you covered. 

Fashion and upcycling

Vanessa Daniels fashion queen Vanessa shows us how a stitch in time saves 9, helping us to upcycle our clothes with her sewing, hemming and cloth cutting advice. New jeans, anyone?

Self-taught Isabel Christine designs and makes her own clothes from home. Her easy to follow TikTok tutorials include how to sew slits into a skirt, how to sew on a budget and even how to turn a man's shirt into a dress

Having your cake and eating it

Jessica Bakes' mouth-watering creations look too good to be true. Luckily, through her cake decoration hacks we can all enjoy ombre cupcakes and learn how to crumbcoat like a pro.

For the days when you want to be healthy and days where you want to reach for chocolate, foodie Zeinah Nur has recipes galore if you're looking for inspiration like this epic Galaxy Mocha recipe or this simple smoothie bowl.

Tricks, flicks and kicks

Lia Lewis is one of only two female freestyle footballers and wants to inspire more girls  to get into football - with her epic TikTok videos simplifying football tricks she'll be doing just that.

Wondering where to start with football freestyling? Ben breaks down the 5 tricks every footballer should learn.

Health is wealth 🙏

Are you drinking enough water? Or worried you're not getting enough sleep? Don't worry Dr Emeka is on hand to teach us the science behind how our bodies work.

And for more fun facts - like why does it hurt so much when we step on Lego, or why pizza tastes so good - head to Dr Karan Raj's TikTok account for the lowdown.

Alongside creators, we're also so excited to welcome some of the UK's most respected organisations to the #LearnOnTikTok family.

Ever wondered what causes golf ball sized hail? Or if lightning really can strike twice? For all your weather related queries Met Office has you sorted. 

English Heritage share facts about British history and heritage sites in a fun and entertaining way. Discover where Charles Darwin lived, learn the history of Stonehenge and the stories behind those famous blue plaques, all coming soon on TikTok.

Prince's Trust provides TikTok users with tutorials, employability videos, motivation and advice. Topics include tips for building a strong CV (as seen in their hugely popular #CEOofCVs hashtag challenge) starting a business and boosting young people's confidence. Watch out for their #Day1 TikTok challenge coming at the end of the month.

Guinness World Records will be sharing the science behind some of the world's most unbelievable records as well as motivation and inspiration from record-breakers themselves.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for an exciting new #LearnOnTikTok challenge brought to you by Men's Health.  #fuelforfitness is the TikTok hashtag to follow to find out the important role food plays in shaping our workouts.

@FutureLearn - the FutureLearniverse lands on TikTok from A-level results day with bite sized brain snacks selected from thousands of online courses; from coding to sustainable fashion and everything in between

Add #LearnOnTikTik to your Favourites now to make sure you never miss out on learning content that is personal, local and specific to the everyday lives of you.