This week, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourite TikTok accounts. From magicians to animal whisperers, we have you covered on the very best accounts to follow now!


Magic Singh (@magicsingh) has been a professional magician for 12 years and joined TikTok to show off his insanely cool work last year. His videos see him doing tricks in supermarkets, with playing cards and even tricks with sweets! Watch some of his mind-boggling tricks here.


Harriet Pavlou is an ex-Arsenal player turned football freestyler. She often does tricks in her own backyard, in public places, and even with heels on! See more of her amazing freestyling football tricks here.


Allan Dixon (@daxon) is an Irish photographer who has taken his talents for making friends in the animal kingdom oo TikTok. His videos see him hanging out with lambs, monkeys and even seals! See more videos on his TikTok account (with cameos from other species) here.

Stay tuned as we’ll be recommending more amazing creators to follow in the coming weeks.