2019 has been a busy year for you on TikTok. You’ve put the spotlight on creators from all backgrounds, age ranges, and with an endless list of talents. You discovered new artists who hit the charts, invented viral challenges, and you gave a platform to a whole generation of new talent. It’s been a crazy, fun, and iconic year! To celebrate, we’ve pulled together your favourite moments and creators of the year. 

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10 of the biggest videos on TikTok this year

The greatest thing about TikTok is that truly anyone (and anything!) can go viral, which Harvey Bass experienced when he did the #GitUp challenge. His video was watched 78 million times on TikTok alone and its viral reach outside the app caused the Git Up song to trend. Some of our most popular videos of the year, in no particular order, are: 

  1. @guinessworldrecords - most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute
  2. @jasonmoments - Did she just?
  3. @arshsoni10 - vanishing coffee
  4. @livcookefc - she’s got the moves
  5. @jefo - dance for a doughnut
  6. @goubtube - dinosaur prank
  7. @momentsgang - oddly satisfying 
  8. @ashleyetaylor - drawing challenge 
  9. @HarveyBass - GitUp challenge 
  10. @lucagallone - Straw prank

10 of the most popular UK creators

TikTok’s creators dedicate their time. They innovate. They push creative boundaries. They lead. They inspire. From performing in their bedrooms to hanging out with A-listers, these creators are the trailblazers that keep TikTok ticking. 

The amazing makeup artist, Abby Roberts aka Abbyartistry is killing it on TikTok with her talent, she’s fast becoming one of the biggest artists on the platform. 

Here’s our top TikTok creators for 2019.

  1. HollyH 
  2. NeffatiBrothers
  3. LucaGallone
  4. AbbyArtistry 
  5. Laurielle
  6. HarrietFreestyle
  7. TootyMcNooty 
  8. Hrvy 
  9. Kyran__ 
  10. TheSharpTwins 

Top 10 fastest growing creators accounts in 2019

Creators are at the heart of the TikTok community. Each and every person help to make TikTok a vibrant and open community, encouraging others to join the platform to share their passion for creative expression. Goubtube never fails to cheer us up and we love his hilarious videos and his amazing laugh. He’s no stranger to going viral and he often takes part in Luca Gallone’s tricks. Connor and Lianna are TikTok’s power couple, we can’t wait to see more videos of them together. Here’s TikTok fastest growing creators.

  1. Connor 
  2. BoxBoy
  3. SurFaceLdn 
  4. LianaJadee 
  5. Arshsoni10
  6. JasonMoments 
  7. GoubTube 
  8. WoodyandKleiny 
  9. Guinessworldrecords
  10. LadBible

Top 10 most popular songs

Music can be a soundtrack to the highs and lows life throws at us, and you’ve created some incredible videos to unforgettable tunes. You’ve even sent the likes DJ Regard and Lil Nas X to the Official UK Top 40! Sadly we could only pick 10, so here are the official top 10 songs you’ve loved this year:

  1. DJ Regard - Ride It
  2. Doja Cat - Candy
  3. Kaash Paige - Love Songs
  4. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road
  5. Tones and I - Dance Monkey
  6. Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE
  7. Blanco Brown - The Git Up
  8. Sub Urban - Cradles 
  9. Ashnikko - STUPID (feat. Yung Baby Tate) 
  10. Little Mix - Wasabi

Top 10 most popular stickers and editing tools

TikTok has a suite of editing tools designed to make in-app video-editing as easy as possible. With face zooming, green screen, whirlpool and much more, these effects help turn a user’s creation into a masterpiece.

  1. Green screen - super imposing yourself on a background either from the app or uploaded from the users camera roll.
  2. The squad - creates multiple kaleidoscope replicas of the user on one screen 
  3. Nose painter - users can draw on the videos using their nose
  4. Face zoom - the camera zooms in on the first face it recognises in the video
  5. Rainbow strobe - multi-coloured changing overlay
  6. Noodle dance - filter manipulating users to be warped into a spinning ‘noodle’ dance
  7. Whirlpool - filter distorting videos into a circle 
  8. Finish the song - a song plays and counts down to the audio cutting out, the user finishes the song
  9. Wiped out - gaming sticker where users act out something that gets them exhausted or annoyed until their ‘life’ runs out and they’re wiped out
  10. 6 second blink - user blinks to start a timer countdown and blinks again to stop. The aim is to stop the clock at 6 seconds.

Top 10 celebrities in GB in 2019 

In 2019, we saw some of the UK’s top celebrities joining TikTok, starting new trends and joining challenges. These stars brought with them a world of creativity and talent. Here are the top TikTok celebrity creators for 2019:

  1. LewisCapaldi
  2. TillyRamsay 
  3. HRVY
  4. Mabel
  5. RomeoBeckham
  6. Joe_Sugg
  7. LittleMix
  8. Ed Sheeran 
  9. Sam Smith
  10. JaxJones