TikTok has teamed up with Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming service, to offer eligible members of the TikTok community four months free of Spotify Premium in the UK as well as six other European markets starting today.

The offer is available to eligible users who are age 18+ with a TikTok profile in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey, and who have not subscribed to Spotify Premium previously. Those who are eligible will receive a unique code that will enable them to redeem the Spotify Premium offer. 

How can you find the Spotify Premium offer on TikTok?

Easy - if you're reading this on your mobile, just click on this link, or:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone,
  2. Click through on the "TikTok Rewards" badge on your For You page or on the Me Page within the app,
  3. Or, on the Discover page you'll find a "TikTok x Spotify Rewards" banner, you can click on that or simply type in "Spotify" and hit search,
  4. It's super easy and once you've clicked through, you'll see some great artists to follow and also a button to press to "Get 4 months for free",
  5. Enjoy!

The partnership is live today.

David Nunez, Head of Growth, Europe at TikTok said: "TikTok is a sound-on, immersive experience, with music sitting at the heart of how people create and engage with content on the platform. We're delighted to bring this offer with Spotify Premium to our community, helping them gain even more enjoyment from the artists and tracks they've known on TikTok."

Marc Hazan, Vice President, Global Head of Premium Business Development at Spotify said:

"As the world's leading audio streaming service, we are thrilled to offer eligible TikTok users in several markets access to all the music and podcasts they love anytime, anywhere. Spotify connects artists and listeners in a way that wasn't possible before, building a diverse community of music fans driven by discovery and inspiration. We are proud to introduce TikTok's enthusiastic and growing user base to the many benefits of Spotify Premium: millions of songs ad-free, on-demand, and offline."

Look out for the promotions within TikTok for more details and don’t forget to check out TikTok’s playlists on Spotify.

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