The evening of March 22 marked the start of Ramadan for millions of Muslims around the world. As we enter into such a significant month of fasting, prayer and reflection for thousands of users on our platform, who better to spotlight this week than inspiring creator and journalist @unzela_.

Alongside working as Race and Diversity Editor at MyLondon, Unzela has been keeping the TikTok community educated and entertained in equal measure! Whether it's showcasing relatable content like a day in her life with a baby, travelling with her family, or teaching her followers about how she's educating her daughter about Islam, her videos are fun, informative and entertaining.

But her talents don't stop there. Unzela also uses her platform to raise awareness of issues which are important to her. From posting content in Urdu to sharing how climate change is affecting Muslim countries, Unzela has been shining a light on Muslim experiences, culture and issues. It doesn't stop there, as part of our #TikTokUnpacks series, she's been sharing what she'll be teaching her daughter during Ramadan. We can't wait to see what other content she has planned for this important month!

Earlier this week, we sat down with Unzela to find out what Ramadan means to her, how she got started on TikTok, and who some of her favourite creators are.

Ramadan Mubarak! What does the month of Ramadan mean to you?

Khair Mubarak! Ramadan for me is a reset for the year, I feel like the month really helps me to remember what's actually important in this life. Throughout the year we get swept into our busy lives and then Ramadan comes to remind us we need to slow down, we need to look after our body, mind and soul and we need to think of others by giving as much charity as possible. It's a cleanse in every way and is the best time to re-evaluate and be grateful for everything Allah has given us.

What first inspired you to create content on TikTok?

So I started off TikTok in lockdown like everyone else, by doing memes and trends. Then I actually started singing on the app because I really enjoyed it and the videos gained a lot of views - to be honest I feel like I still don't really have a niche?! When I became a Race and Diversity journalist at the end of 2021 I wanted people to read my work so I found fun ways of creating content related to my articles. Then I went on maternity leave and realised I want to ensure my daughter, who is a second generation British Pakistani, learns Urdu and about her roots. So, I started making videos about the importance of our language and our culture (as well as Vlogs as a first time mum) and I guess that's where I'm at now!

What is your goal on TikTok?

I would love to be able to inspire people like myself, first generation immigrants, to take an interest in their culture, roots and language. Also through my vlogs I want to inspire other mums to not be afraid of taking their babies out and about! I wouldn't say I have an ultimate goal, but if people gain a sense of confidence in either of those two things then I guess that's the aim. Also if we're being ambitious, I would love to just make content on TikTok for a living!

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

Okay so it's definitely a conversation I filmed with my daughter in Urdu. I started this sort of series where I speak to her in Urdu about day to day things to inspire other mums to teach their kids their language. This one video was cute because I remember I was teaching her to be grateful to Allah and I do this every day anyway, but decided to record it and people absolutely loved it! It was just really wholesome.

Which other muslim creators on TikTok inspire you?

Mehek.mp4 - she's so good at explaining topics to do with racism, underrepresentation and diversity. I also love watching Englistaani because she does fun Bollywood challenges - and @Yamna_i she's hilarious and does the best impressions. She has a great singing voice too!

Finally what is on your For You feed?!

Currently it's Hailey VS Selena drama which I'm not ashamed of! But to be honest it's usually filled with Muslim TikTok (currently there's so many Ramadan recipes), Bollywood songs and mum and baby tok. So I've got a nice range!

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