Need a meal to impress your friends and family this Bank Holiday weekend? Then look no further than this week's creator spotlight, @TamingTwins, TikTok's very own recipe queen!

If you're after tasty meals which are also budget friendly and delicious, Sarah is definitely one to follow. Not only are her cooks super easy, but even the fussiest eaters will be satisfied!

More recently she's been sharing recipes for Easter treats which are guaranteed to wow this weekend, whether you're hosting your own egg hunt or celebrating with  a hearty Sunday roast. Easter fudge is the latest food delight our TikTok community are raving about and Sarah has been sharing her own twist to this fun Easter treat. If Easter meals are not your vibe, check out her boujee salads and relive your childhood moments with some adult lunchables.

Sarah's meals have been going down a storm with our community, which is why she has managed to build herself a strong following with 96.2k followers and 1.4 million likes . We sat her down to discuss her tips for hosting this Easter and all things #FoodTok related...

Firstly, what will you be making/baking this Easter?!

I’ll be making my Slow Cooker Lamb Shoulder and different batches of make ahead salads (I’m sharing videos for them this week), no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen during Easter and also my Mini Egg Cheesecake.

What first inspired you to create on TikTok?

I loved watching TikToks, but I was a bit unsure about posting because of my age. However, I started creating content and realised that I have a lot of things to share and the response has been amazing! So many people in the community love my budget friendly meal plans, and students tell me how much my meals have helped them. As a creator, TikTok is a brilliant place to find a new community.

What do you love most about the TikTok community?

As a creator, I love the ability to reach a whole new audience with just one video. I think that’s very unusual on any other social media platform. It’s such a joy to make something and then find it resonating with new people. The comments from followers saying how glad they are to have found my account make me so happy!

Why is TikTok right for food content?

Short form video on TikTok makes food so accessible. If you don’t feel like cooking, and the idea of dinner is overwhelming, you can always find an idea on TikTok that feels achievable. On the opposite end of the scale, the platform allows creators to break down much more complex recipes and make them easier to follow.

What is your goal on TikTok?

I want to help people answer every day questions about their dinner and serve up content that shows people that food can be varied, quick, affordable and easy to make.

What else or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?!

I find @timmchiusano and his attitude to business really inspiring, @chrxstopherhall makes me laugh so much, and I love @carlarockmore for style. I also nearly lost it when @hayleygeorginamorris liked one of my salad TikToks.

Who are your favourite fellow food creators?

I love @justine_snacks for her storytelling, @nonstoptravelling as I love seeing their recipes in their teeny tiny kitchen and @sevda.ela for reminding me that sometimes, our ordinary food moments are the most engaging.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

These weekly meal plan videos are my favourite at the moment as the feedback I get from people on how useful they are is really inspiring. Coming up with them, keeping them varied, delicious looking, simple to cook and in budget really keeps me on my game too!

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