This week's spotlight is @itsnisrin, whose flawless makeup and glowing skin hacks have been garnering her thousands of followers and likes on TikTok!

Nisrin has been making waves online with her must-have beauty tips, including how to get perfect heatless curls, alongside her hilarious pranks on her husband and brother!

If Nisrin wasn't already busy enough, she recently partnered with everyone's favourite makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury, for a two-hour TikTok Shop LIVE event that showcased over 70 beauty and cosmetic products for our community. And it is clear to see that her followers can't get enough of her beauty recommendations and favourite products, as Nisrin's community continues to grow in 2022!

In between all of this, she still finds the time to show us how to achieve the best lip look and shares her perfume tips.

With over 321.2K followers and 16.3 million likes on the platform, it is easy to see why she's a firm favourite with our community. We sat down with her to talk about what inspires her, and how she got involved in TikTok Shop . . .

What inspired you to become a creator?

I've been a creator since 2016. However, at the time I was not aware of my full potential and the impact I could have on others' lives just by just being myself. I was inspired to do this full time when I realised the connection I was having with the small number of followers I had at the time.

Tell us about your TikTok and the content you created for the community?

My content generally focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and comedy. I'm glad that I've found my niche and I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing supporters, who I genuinely see as a big online family!

How did you get started with TikTok Shop LIVE? How do you like the work that you've been doing with the platform?

A year ago I had a viral video for The Inkey List and the product sold out. They later reached out to me and I have been working with them ever since, as I love their brand so much! The Inkey List were working with TikTok on a new shoppable LIVE feature, and they trialed it with me and other creators. I was the top-selling creator, even though some of the other creators had over a million followers and I only had 200k at the time. A few months later, my team was contacted to take part in TikTok Shop's LIVE, and I was the top-selling content creator! I’ve had so much fun and I’m super grateful for the opportunity. With that being said, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am today without my followers, my management, and also Léa, my manager from TikTok.

Why do you think your TikTok Shop LIVE was popular and successful?

My e-commerce LIVE was successful because I was able to choose items that I genuinely love. My followers have a lot of trust in me, and I was able to encourage them passionately about all these items as they were firm favourites. Another reason why I believe my LIVE was successful is that I was being myself and everyone on TikTok has embraced my personality and got to know me.

What’s been the most exciting moment you’ve experienced since becoming a creator on TikTok Shop?

I had the opportunity to work with Charlotte Tilbury, the brand and the celebrity makeup artist herself, which was a huge achievement for me! I went to the Charlotte Tilbury headquarters and was able to do my LIVE in the studio alongside her which was an amazing experience and one that I will forever remember.

How would you describe your personal brand?

I would describe my brand as open and honest. I’ve built a unique relationship with my followers due to them seeing my true authentic self (mainly on my podcast with my brother called The Sadly Relatable Podcast). My main goal on this social media journey is to inspire others and be real. I take pride in bringing happiness to people, whether that be with a funny video or finding an amazing product that they will love!

What else or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?

Lifestyle, beauty, and comedy content. These videos definitely give me the daily dose of inspiration I need for my own page.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

I got married a few months ago and I kept it very private, and none of my social media platforms knew that I was tying the knot. My wedding reveal video was my favourite TikTok to date as it was one of the happiest moments of my life and I got to share it with all my followers who were even happier for me!

@itsnisrin You and me against the entire world @walidb27 ✨ #nikkah #bride #couple #wedding #husband ♬ original sound - Hailey Terry

How do you plan to further grow on TikTok in terms of Shopping LIVEs and content in the future?

Given the opportunity, I plan to work harder and become more creative with my content on TikTok so that I obtain a larger audience to reach out to which will also contribute to making my e-commerce LIVEs more successful. I strongly believe I can achieve bigger and better things with TikTok!

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