Looking for some food inspo? In this week's creator spotlight, we're speaking to Tina, aka @doobydobap, whose mouthwatering #asmr recipes have been going down a storm on the platform.

Tina's passion for cooking began when she moved abroad for school from Korea. Missing home, and with the nearest Korean restaurant over an hour away, she began recreating her favourite dishes, with a little help from her gran, and documenting them on TikTok!

Since then, Tina's cooking has gone from strength to strength and she has been wowing our community with her fantastic foodie creations. Her dishes are an authentic representation of her experiences - an exciting blend of #koreanfood and Asian cooking trends, with a good pinch of experimentation thrown in.

From traditional Korean dish Al Bap, to some seriously drool worthy matcha chocolate chip cookies, she is passionate about encouraging others to fall in love with cooking and connect with others who are keen on cuisine. And with 1.7 million followers and over 31.7 million likes, it certainly seems she is doing just that!

We sat down with Tina to understand more about what inspires her......

What do you love most about TikTok?

What I love most about TikTok is that it enables anyone to become a creator and reach a global audience using only a smartphone. TikTok’s algorithm allow users to see a much wider range of content and I think if I had posted the same videos on any other platform, it definitely would have been harder for people to find my work. It’s crazy to think about how much reach TikTok has globally. Some of my videos have trended in places that I could have never imagined. It’s also an amazing place to test out new content because you never know what can go viral. There are so many different niches and a highly dedicated user base, it’s the perfect platform to showcase your work!

Why is TikTok right for your content?

My content is right for TikTok because it’s... addictive. The satisfying sounds, the fast-paced cuts, and the loops are what make my videos so suited for TikTok. I also love to play a little eye-spy game with my viewers with small hidden details as well. I think all those factors contribute to making my videos suitable for TikTok, but most importantly, the food is great too, so sometimes it just speaks for itself :)

What is your favorite recent challenge or track on TikTok?

My favorite recent challenge is frozen honey!!! I’m obsessed! I’ve been putting honey in a popsicle mold and freezing it for dessert and it’s so addictive and delicious.

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal on TikTok is to educate people on lesser-known Korean and Asian dishes. When most people think about Korean food, they usually just think of barbecue and kimchi. Korean food is so much more than that. We have a long-standing and delicious culinary history that I would love to share with the world! It’s also about sharing the recipes of foods that I personally love and grew up with. In addition to sharing recipes with the Tik Tok community, I also want to set new trends, challenges, and try out different styles of content. You will notice that some of my recent videos have followed a slightly different style and so far people have loved it. It’s really exciting because you never know what new styles are going to excite the community.

What else is or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?!

Aside from lots of other delicious food content, there’s a lot of graphic design and procreate tutorials on my For You feed. I love to draw out and sketch out my food before I start developing recipes and am currently in the process of making a cute little illustrated cookbook, so these videos have been immensely helpful.

What is your favorite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favorite TikTok I’ve made to date has to be my Bulgogi Kale Ssam video I posted on July 27th. I love it because it’s a little different from my usual ASMR cooking content! It was a video that I experimented with a lot in terms of shots and style so I was really pleased with it. The video definitely pushed me to go out of my comfort zone since it involved filming outside and it was a good excuse to go explore cute hidden picnic spots in London. Hopefully, when the world opens up I can start exploring different countries with my packed lunch and take people on a little picnic around the world with me!

Why do you think the TikTok community loves seeing your food content so much?

I’ve been extremely lucky to receive such a strong and dedicated following so far, especially given that it’s been less than six months since I’ve started creating content and I’ve already amassed over 1.7 million followers. One reason I think the TikTok community loves to see my food content is because I have my own distinctive style and unique recipes! I test recipes every day and triple-check each recipe to make sure the recipes are delicious, and I think that passion translates into my videos. It’s also all in the details— I love to add a bit of personality here and there, whether it’s leaving little clues for my viewers or cracking jokes. People also love to hear me say my signature catchphrase “Don’t Yuck My Yum!”.

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