TikTok is the place to be for #diyhacks and inspo, and what better way to admire and learn about interior design than from the handiwork of Olamide and Cullen, aka @bricks.and.disorder? Our community has been loving watching the duo as they took on the massive project of transforming their home.

On TikTok they showcase their handiwork highs, lows, and everything in between. They've been showing us how to transform a loft into a movie theatre, how to fix a garden, and making sure they have a laugh while figuring out building skills. In short, they've been giving us a glimpse at the blood, sweat and tears that goes into home renovation.

So whether you are looking to learn how to make shelves, find out all about the mistakes you shouldn't make with your own renovation, or how to insulate your roof this winter, @bricks.and.disorder are the creators for you!

With an ever growing audience which is currently at 823k followers, it is clear our community loves Olamide and Cullen just as much as we do!

We sat down with @bricks.and.disorder to talk all things renovation and DIY.

What first inspired you to create on TikTok?

We had just bought a house together as friends - which was exciting but weird. Then we started renovating that house together, with no DIY experience because we were running out of money. We were struggling with a capital S. But we saw the funny side of it all, so we decided to film it because we were learning a lot of things, so we knew others could learn something too. By sharing our journey, we wanted to be a relatable voice for young people interested in property, especially since we’re doing it in a fun, engaging and different way.

Have you been surprised by the response to your content?

Yes and no. We’ve had the goal of becoming content creators for years, so seeing it materialise has been very fulfilling. But it still surprises us when people we’ve never met before show us genuine love in comments online, or in person. It really hit home when someone stopped us when we were walking through Helsinki, Finland. We were SHOCKED, we didn’t know our faces were reaching this far. It let us know that the videos we put out are bringing genuine value to people. It’s sometimes easy to forget how far the videos go and the effect they can have on people, when you hit post while you’re on the toilet.

What is your goal on TikTok?

We want to make the best videos that we can, while continuing to express our creativity, and connect with our audience in new and fun ways. Ultimately, we want to be the relatable voice of house content in the UK. It would be great to stay paid too because we just quit our jobs for this haha.

What other creators are on your For You feed?

Yourboymoyo, justinkarthur, Taybeepboop, appetite life, Jordan Studdard, Hunter prosper Simply Sayo, Sunday.nobody, M1Podcast, Abs.tract, Holamiday, Sxmplyni, Victor.Kunda … we could go on.

It’s a real mix of people, from food creators to comedy, DIY, poetry and lifestyle. Some of these creators we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Ola has also been learning boxing so we also occasionally get videos of somebody getting combo’ed.

What do you love most about the TikTok community?

We love how supportive people are, not just the people following our journey, but other creators too. It makes it feel like we’re connected to something cool. It’s also a great feeling when we see creators we love doing well and making cool videos.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

Levelling our garden was such a fun video to make, it showed the real chaos of how we renovate together as friends. People really loved that episode of our garden series.

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