TikTok UK has partnered with Adobe to launch #LevelUpWithAdobe, a programme of workshops and tools designed to help TikTok creators learn and develop their video editing and production skills.

33 lucky emerging creators will be enrolled onto a eight week virtual curriculum, provided by TikTok and Adobe's training experts, which will set video production challenges that will showcase their skills and unleash their creative potential with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

Through the programme, creators will learn best practice for creating and developing TikTok content, and will benefit from the opportunity to connect with other emerging creative TikTok talent. Creators will also benefit from the opportunity to connect with other emerging creative TikTok talent.

The creators involved will share the skills they have learnt as well as their top editing and video production tricks with the whole TikTok community - including other budding creators! - via a series of special #LevelUpwithAdobe LIVEs led by the creators and Adobe experts.

TikTok is committed to supporting and nurturing the creator community. The #LevelUpwithAdobe training programme is part of TikTok's #LearnOnTikTok Initiative, a dedicated long-term programme that brings educators, experts, real-world skills creators and non-profits together to build an ecosystem of learning content to educate, inform and entertain the whole of the TikTok community.

Through this partnership with Adobe creators will be able to acquire the tools and insight they need to continue to grow creatively both on TikTok and beyond!

One of our inspiring #LevelUpWithAdobe creators is @MillyPickles1, a para-athlete who’s built a community of 280k followers on TikTok, with over eight million likes. The 24-year-old was a student at Bournemouth University when she was electrocuted in 2017, which resulted in her having her right leg amputated. Though devastating, she became adamant that her love for sport wasn’t going to end. She began sharing empowering videos of learning to run with a blade on TikTok and has never looked back.

“TikTok is a place of creativity and acceptance,” she says. “The platform brings awareness to and normalises diverse individuals, allowing them to have a voice. People feel comfortable and confident being authentic in this space, which helps us connect with likeminded people where we might normally feel alone. TikTok has helped me connect with so many people through my content – and I couldn't feel more supported, listened to and valued."

Milly’s work online not only inspires other amputees, but it also teaches those who are misinformed about who she is and what she can achieve. She has set her sights on returning to competitive sports and is keen to take her content up a notch with #LevelUpWithAdobe.

I’ve wanted to learn how to use various Adobe software for a while so I’m pleased to now have access to both the software and educational aspects,” she says. “I’m excited to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to improve my content, as well as Adobe Fonts. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and hope it helps me become a more engaging content creator.”

Joining Milly are some of the biggest names in the TikTok community, including beauty creator @glambyflo, photographer @thevisuallife, lifestyle creator @estare and fitness phenomenon @james.middleton_

Watch out for our new #LevelUpWithAdobe LIVE series over the next few weeks, where you can follow the creators as they flex their new editing skills. If you want to up your skills, get a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro here