Spanish-English singer-songwriter Mabel has launched her first TikTok challenge #MadLoveTrain, following an exclusive 15” preview of her new single ‘Mad Love’.

See Mabel’s launch video here:

Here’s an example from TikTok’s creators @anna together with @tootymcnooty, @itzshauni and @sianblighmua.

Mabel (@mabel), who recently joined TikTok, has over 8.9K followers and over 38.6K hearts. Her 15” ‘Mad Love’ clip alone has over 14.5K hearts and the song is currently on the top 10 of TikTok’s U.K Hot 40 songs.

The TikTok challenge follows last week’s exclusive launch of her 15” single and clip preview on TikTok, which gave users the opportunity to listen to an excerpt of the song ahead of its official launch and add it to their TikTok videos, letting their creativity flow.

You can follow Mabel on TikTok here