At TikTok, safety is our starting point. We believe that in order for our community to feel inspired and creative, they need to feel safe. That's why we're committed to providing everyone with a platform that offers a safe experience.

To do this, we've provided a number of age-appropriate privacy settings and controls to help young people navigate their digital journey as safely as possible. In the last three months alone, we've furthered our safety and privacy commitments for teens on TikTok and launched new resources to support our community's wellbeing.

It's also important that we remind people about the many security and privacy controls at their disposal to give them the right experience, as well as the many safety features available to help keep them safe.

Keeping everyone #safertogether

That's why today we are launching #safertogether - a series dedicated to online safety, which will see some of our most recognisable creators talking about some of the things we want our community to know about staying safe on TikTok.

Here's a look at what's to come in the UK, with more videos elsewhere coming soon:

It is important to us that we help keep our community stay safe on TikTok and we hope that #safertogether equips everyone with the knowledge they need to make their experience right for them. When it comes to safety, our work is never done, and we won't stop working to make TikTok the safest it can be.