To warm up for the Spice Girls’ UK ‘Spice World Tour’, one of the biggest music shows of the decade, TikTok launched two exciting hashtag challenges in collaboration with the Spice Girls; Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

The first, #StopRightNow, which has so far received 75m views, asked creators to copy a simple Spice Girls’ dance move. The second, #SpiceUpYourLife, currently on 11m views, asked creators to begin by wearing casual clothes or sleepwear, then in slow motion, their clothes cover the screen and the creator is revealed in their best outfits looking fabulous, ready to go out.

Becky Louise @beckilouise_c at the Spice Girls concert in Manchester

TikTok creators Becky Louise @beckilouise_c and Laurie Elle (@laurieellehad the chance to attend the Spice Girls gig in Manchester.

Becki said, “The concert was so much fun, it was just a really great atmosphere and everyone looked like they were having the best time. They put on an amazing show regardless of the rain! It was also so cool to watch the dancers since I’m in training and aiming to do that myself one day, it looks like the best job!”

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