Many of us have spent more time in nature this year. From daily walks, to park refreshments and outside sports, nature has been a way to reset and reconnect. Nature has been here for us through lockdown, and we want to make sure we are here for nature.

That’s why this World Environment Day, we are excited to announce our partnership with iconic nature activists @wwf_uk to launch #SaveOurPlanet as part of our #LearnonTikTok programme.


The fight to protect our One Shared Home continues. Show us how you #SaveOurPlanet! 🌍 #ClimateChange #Nature

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Together, we’ll be focusing on amplifying, supporting and empowering young voices to make meaningful positive change for nature.

From helping people embrace sustainable actions in our everyday lives, to building and strengthening the movement, we are joining together to help people make positive changes to #SaveOurPlanet.

Follow  @wwf_uk  and stay tuned for a series of LIVEs and hashtag challenges over the coming weeks!

Darragh Field, Director of Digital and Content, WWF-UK, said:

“This is a critical year for environmental action, and the more we learn and talk about the climate crisis, the better equipped we are to tackle it. Safeguarding our future, for people and planet, will require collaboration between all individuals and organisations, all over the world – and TikTok can play a key role.

“In our new partnership, we will be working to amplify, support and empower youth voices to drive meaningful change for the environment. From educating young people about nature and the climate crisis, to encouraging them to speak up for nature and understand the part they play by building sustainable actions day to day. WWF’s aim is to fully support and strengthen the youth-led movement to save our planet – our one shared home.”

It's time to reuse, reduce waste, and embrace eco living. From refreshing old clothes, to zero waste tips or learning about the benefits of recycling, why not #LearnOnTikTok for #WorldEnvironmentDay?

Our climate champions have you covered with these five top tips:

  1. Learn how to use old milk cartons to create DIY plant pots
  2. Make your own wax wraps for food to cut the cling film
  3. Create scratching sponges from fruit packaging for zero waste washing up
  4. Want to learn how to reimagine an old dress as a new top? Look no further!
  5. Want to reduce your impact in the kitchen? Why not try the all-natural ingredients you can clean with

And if that hasn't settled your appetite, why not check out five climate champions who leading the way with #EcoHacks, #EcoLiving and more?

  1. @theweeklyshop demonstrates how to go plastic free with her weekly shopping adventures
  2. @sambentley is a climate activist using TikTok to educate users about the risks facing our planet, inspiring action and sharing advice on how to be a better eco-activist
  3. @wearthlondon shares practical advice on how to live more sustainably, from reducing food waste to cutting our plastic and even making your own products like bath bombs
  4. @joesgarden offers tips and tricks to grow your own veg, shop local and help lessen the climate impact of your dinner plate
  5. @konfina_reuse shares styling hacks for re-using and breathing new life into old clothes - even turning the iconic Ikea blue bag into a rain mac!

New to TikTok and want to try your own #EcoHack ? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.