Can't get enough of TikTok stars Perri Kiely (@perri.kiely) and Jordan Banjo (@jordbanjo)? Well you're not alone! Luckily for us KISS FM launched a brand new KISS Breakfast show this week with Jordan and Perri, bringing the #tunes 🎵 and #bants 📢. 

To celebrate the end of the show's first week, KISS FM is hosting a special livestream on its TikTok channel today (Friday 8 August 2020), kicking off at 10am and running until 5pm. 

The after-party style TikTok LIVE will include a live Q&A with Jordan and Perri, using TikTok's new Co-Host feature. The Co-Host feature allows two top TikTok creators to broadcast live on the platform at the same time, allowing users to view and interact with the two creators on screen. 

There will also be appearances from KISS FM music artists and challenges with TikTok creators, including science experiment creator @itzshauni, trainer designer @SurfaceLdn, football fan @ben, the UK’s biggest content creator, @hollyh and Jordan’s big brother and Diversity lead @AshleyBanjo.

Commenting on the activity, Rebecca Frank, Content Director, KISS, said: “Since lockdown we’ve seen our audience’s wants, needs and priorities change and at KISS we want to continue to develop along with them, introducing new shows, line-ups and events. Our new KISS Breakfast show with Jordan and Perri has already proven successful and we’re so excited to share this livestream on TikTok and bring it to another level.” 

Simon Kilby, Chief Revenue Officer, Radio, added: “Similar to TikTok’s community, we’ve seen the consumption of radio increase significantly since lockdown and it continue to stay strong as restrictions start to ease. As we know that music, social media and dance are huge passion points and uniting factors for both TikTok and KISS’s audiences, so this partnership couldn’t be more perfect.” 

Normanno Pisani, Head of Media Partnerships UK, TikTok, said: “This month TikTok is celebrating it's second birthday and we're thrilled that KISS is celebrating with us for this special LIVE event. In two short years, the TikTok community has brought creativity and music together in unpredictable and engaging ways, with TikTok LIVEs serving as an exciting format to show behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen content. Perri and Jordan are some of our top TikTok creators and we can't wait to see how they're bringing their creative talents to radio."

New to TikTok? It couldn't be easier to set up and get involved in this special TikTok Live hosted by KISS FM. Simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon and get creating!