Let's make art. Let's change the game.

@jaden “It’s A Mass Collaboration” @SD_001 #stemdrop001 ♬ original sound - Jaden

On December 12th at 8pm, StemDrop will broadcast a special TikTok LIVE featuring performances of Red Lights from artists discovered through the program, hosted by musician, activist, and designer Jaden Smith. Jaden has joined StemDrop as an artistic curator and will consult with artists through the program.

StemDrop, the global collaboration project from TikTok, Syco, Universal Music Group, Republic Records and Samsung was created to give everyone, from up-and-coming to established artists, the chance to collaborate with the world's biggest hit-makers. It's simple, what would happen if you wrote a song and gave it to the world?

Over the last two months, we have been finding out that answer and the results have been incredible. After the all star songwriting team of Max Martin, Savan Kotecha & Ali Payami released Red Lights on TikTok, the world's most creative community have been reworking, creating and uploading their own versions onto the platform.

It's been an exploration into creativity and the genre blending of modern songwriting. We've seen everything from country versions, hip hop, acoustic, dance and drum 'n' bass. It's been a true collaboration project.

Now, on December 12th from Samsung KX, StemDrop will broadcast a very special TikTok LIVE to spotlight some of the most exciting artists discovered through the program, with StemDrop visionary and music mogul Simon Cowell in attendance.

In addition to Simon Cowell and Jaden Smith in attendance, TikTok music curator Ari Elkins and Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S, who have been posting daily content on the @StemDrop channel will be co-hosting the event.

Speaking on joining StemDrop, Jaden Smith said, "StemDrop is this new amazing project I had to be a part of…its mass collaboration, let’s make music, let’s make art all together on TikTok.”

The 'next evolution in music collaboration' will take to the stage as emerging artists Sad Alex, Kyle Reppa, Aimee Vant, Armonie Jay & Denzel Chain will be performing their own renditions of Red Lights LIVE for the first time.

Performing on the 12th December will be:

Sad Alex: Describing herself as "the happiest sad girl you've ever met", Sad Alex's genius rendition of Red Lights incorporated different Max Martin produced song names into the verse, which you can check out here.

Kyle Reppa: A country singer from Nashville who wowed the StemDrop hosts and TikTok community with his version of Red Lights. Kyle's submission can be checked out here.

Aimee Vant: a singer-songwriter from Reading Massachusetts, Aimee Vent’s nuanced, delicate vocal caught the attention of the TikTok community and we can’t wait to see Aimee’s version of Red Lights performed at Samsung KX

Armonie Jay: a singer-songwriter and stunning vocalist from Los Angeles, California, Armonie Jay’s version of Red Lights, made using a duetted sound on TikTok, was written to raise awareness of anyone battling depression and can be heard here.

Denzel Chain: A singer, songwriter, producer and actor from the Netherlands, Denzel Chain’s version of Red Lights was noticed early by one of StemDrop hosts Moyo, who duetted the incredible performance, with users commenting “He is a real star”. Check it out here.