From #pregnancy through to #raisingteens, parents of all stages are finding community on TikTok. This community is all about sharing raw, unfiltered experiences of parenting, and finding support and companionship from others going through the same.

Whether it's important lessons about postnatal mental health, parenting tips and hacks or - of course - the comedy content that gets them through sleepless nights, there really is something for every parent on the platform.

To recognise the billions of parents who are coming to TikTok every single day to share their personal experience, this October we're launching the #ParentsofTikTok campaign, to celebrate, support and spotlight this inspiring and authentic community.

From October through to January, we will be working with a cohort of parenting creators, hosting community workshops and producing a TikTok guide for any parents new to the platform and keen to discover the TikTok community and learn more about online safety.

So whether you are a parent of a teenager, about to begin your journey to becoming a parent or are simply looking for five minutes escapism, it is time to embrace TikTok.

Download our #ParentsofTikTok guide here.

Meet the #ParentsofTikTok

Over the coming months, we will be working some of the creators who have shared what parenthood is like for them. So without further ado, here are our creator ambassadors . . .

@louiseptsd (54.9K followers)

Louise Thompson has received over 1.2 million views for her post introducing herself to the TikTok community, in which she explains that she has suffered with complex PTSD and postnatal depression since having her son at the end of 2021. She uses her TikTok to share her journey to understand how a trauma brain works and to chat all things mental health and motherhood.

@caitlinandleahh (9.3M followers)

Caitlin & Leah Sheil have shared their embryo transfer and pregnancy journey with the community through all its ups and downs, from anxious waits to exciting pregnancy updates. They always bring their trademark humour to the parenting experience too, like their sketches about family members approaching their baby .

@stuartandfrancis (1.1M followers)

Stuart & Francis are a father/dad duo, who showcase the realities of parenting as a gay couple by taking us through the highs and lows of raising their son, Rio, and now their daughter Rebel too. Alongside sharing their daily life, they have educated the community about their surrogacy journey, talking about connecting with their child and all the excitement in between.

@lagomchef (1.2M followers)

Martyn, aka @lagomchef, is a chef who is inspiring our #cooking community to try their hand in the kitchen with his passion for food and commitment to reducing or eliminating food waste. Like his much-loved zero waste humble potato series! He's also recently started sharing videos cooking with his son - showing how much fun, and mayhem, cooking with kids can be!

@nigelclarketv (102.5K followers)

Nigel Clarke is a CBeebies presenter who shares his experience of the parent juggle. His 'Parent Win' tips give people small ways they can make their life easier, like using a baby sling at home and towels that are specially made for post bath cuddles, while his Parenting Gripes are equally relatable - why are baby formula lids so complicated?!

@midwifemarley (32.7K followers)

Marley is a practising midwife, who shares tips and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting. From explaining phenomena no one knew about - like postpartum noise sensitivity - to championing the profession of midwife, she brings her expertise to the community on the daily. She's also a mum of five herself, and shares relatable clips from her own day to day too.

@raisingkevin_ (160.2K followers)

Tola joined TikTok to share her experience of raising a proudly autistic son, Kevin. They educate our community about #autismparenting, sharing lessons about loss and autism and accepting your child for who they are among many more. Most importantly, they share the moments of joy that they, like every family, enjoy.

@enchantednanny (616.5K followers)

Danielle is a baby expert and nanny, who gives our community around the clock baby and parenting tips. From newborn clothing hacks, to baby burping tips and collick relief, there's a lesson for every #newparent on her page.

@teachwithtadgh (382.6K followers)

Tadgh O'Donovan is an Irish teacher who gives hilarious takes on kids' attitudes - like 'deadline mode', 'the kid with the questions' and 'dilly dally'. He also shares his experience as a teacher, inviting us to spend the day with him and understand what it's really like behind the desk!

@moonandrue (1.2M followers)

Sian is TikTok's resident motherhood and weaning creator, best known for the meal videos she documented whilst weaning her daughter, Rue. She shares tips and light-hearted voiceovers that aim to make weaning a little less overwhelming, alongside amazing recipes that help you cook all your favourite meals for the little ones - shepherd's pie, overnight chia oats, lamb roast, to name just a few!

Discover the #ParentsofTikTok Hub and Guide

Through October and beyond, the TikTok community will be able to access the #ParentsofTikTok Hub. This hub will be the go-to destination for any parent or primary caregiver looking to find their fellow community. New to TikTok and not sure where to start? Later this month, we're also launching a #ParentsofTikTok Guide, to give a no-question-is-a-silly-question overview of how to join TikTok and get involved in the action.

James Stafford, General Manager of Ops & Marketing, TikTok UK, said

"It's great to see so many parents finding a sense of community on TikTok. Whether it's support in a moment of need, humour in a moment of frustration, or simply knowing that someone else is going through the same ups and downs as you, TikTok is helping to connect parents across the UK. This October, we're celebrating the #ParentsofTikTok and encouraging even more parents to discover, share and support one another on TikTok".

Helping parents get the most out of TikTok

We're proud that TikTok is a place where parents come to find community and share tips and experiences, and we want to help make sure they can do that safely.

At TikTok, we strive to be a place for authentic, informed expression about important health topics. We remove harmful medical misinformation in line with our Community Guidelines, and we work closely with independent fact-checking partners to assess evolving trends. We also connect people who search for certain terms relating to mental health with expert third party resources, to help them find the professional support they may need

And for parents of teens over 13, who are old enough to get their own TikTok account, our Guardian's Guide is a great starting place to understand the tools and controls we’ve built into TikTok to keep our community a safe place for them. That includes detail on our Family Pairing features, which let parents link their TikTok account to their teen’s to enable a variety of content, privacy, and well-being settings.

We also know how easy it can be for parents to keep scrolling into the early hours, so our Screen Time Management tools are a great way to set reminders to take a break from the app - whether that's specific sleep reminders, or more general screen time break reminders.

So, to any parent up in the middle of the night and looking for a community, or anxious expectant parents looking for advice from others who have been through the process themselves, there's no need to do it alone - you can do it with the #ParentsofTikTok.

New to TikTok and want to explore #ParentsofTikTok? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.