By James Stafford, Head of Partnerships & Community for the UK

Creators are the lifeblood of TikTok, from day one, it has been our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, cultivating a safe space for positive, creative expression. Every day we see millions of users across the UK coming to TikTok to share their authentic selves and it is this diverse community of creators that make TikTok truly unique.

At TikTok we recognise that the strength and creativity of our community has been a key driver of our growth, but we are always looking for ways to improve the TikTok experience for our users.

Creating a better experience starts with listening

Which is why we are launching the UK's first ever Creator Council - a regular conversation between the TikTok team and a rotating selection of 10 creators to gain invaluable insight and first hand feedback around the issues that matter most to our community.

We want to work with our Creator Council to share and shape creative ideas, so they continue to feel inspired and to ensure that the community is always at the heart of the decisions we make.

This first council are a vibrant and dynamic cohort that reflect the diversity of our community, covering everything from education and sport to comedy and cooking. Each and every voice will help us to truly understand what being a part of the TikTok community means to our creators and how we can continue to improve the TikTok experience for all of our users.

We're also committed to working with our Creator Council to help make TikTok an even more supportive and empowering place for self-expression, through having honest conversations about the challenges we are overcoming and the positive steps we will continue to take to make TikTok a trusted and safe space for everyone.

We are excited to start work with the inaugural Creator Council and look forward to welcoming even more creators into this programme in the future, to share their personal knowledge, creativity and help us to bring out the very best in TikTok.

So let's meet our very first Creator Council:


Our community is at the heart of everything on TikTok. Introducing: The Creator Council ✨ #ItStartsOnTikTok

♬ original sound - TikTok UK

@lucyedwardsblind has made waves on TikTok with her quickfire insight into what every day is like for a blind person. Full of humour and lessons, she educates TikTok on everything from how to politely greet a blind person, how a guide dog works, how a blind person chops food in the kitchen, and much more.

@SophiaSmithGaler is a journalist and linguist who shares the ins and outs of life in the newsroom with her followers. A natural linguist she also shares tips and tricks to learn languages and explains the similarities between different languages and dialects. Being hot on current affairs Sophia doesn't shy away from tackling big societal issues and discussing them in her videos in a bid to educate the community.

@JesseChuku is founder of "The Chewkz Show" his own fresh take on today's comedy and culture. Jesse role plays hilarious comedy skits that we can all relate and laugh along to from the food menu in heaven to the challenges of being a Brit in America. But it's not all laughs, Jesse also creates educational videos that tackle current conversation topics like how to be non-threatening and supportive when walking at night near women.


Let's end all forms of Stormzy misidentification🤚🏿 #stormzy #lukaku #comedy

♬ original sound - Jesse Chuku

@Ben is a freestyle footballer who wows TikTok with this amazing skills. From killer keepy uppies to incredible shots on goal he breaks down his skills into bitesized tutorials so the community can learn along at home.


My 2 favourite moments of 2020, thank you for letting me live a dream💫 #bye2020 #yearontiktok

♬ my audio yellow - 𝒷♡

@nikkililly is a makeup creator with a facial disfigurement who posts make up tutorials and beauty hacks while empowering others with facial disfigurements to be proud of their appearance and see the beauty and strength they hold.

@Jonysios also known as Jony is a LGBTQ+ creator who shares his creativity and personality through incredible styling videos, makeup tutorials and impersonations of our favourite characters from TV and film. He is all about comedy, colour and creativity.


pov : Heather pushes you on stage to ✨hvmiIiate you✨ but you decide to become the Main character... 🎤😈 #mileycyrus #transformation #boysinmakeup

♬ MAIN CHARACTER CHALLENGE miley cyrus - Call me Jony 🤓

@thegrubworkskitchen or the "CEO of “FLAYVAS”, Nathan shares his delicious comfort food recipes and cooking tips with his followers. From how to create the perfect lemon pepper chicken wings to making the to-die-for breakfast pancakes Nathan's TikTok will get your mouth watering in no time at all.


Slow cooked beef short rib quesabirria tacos 🌮 @tiktok_uk #birria #quesabirria #learnontiktok #foodtiktok #foryou

♬ original sound - Nathan

@florence.simpsonn is a body confidence warrior who joined TikTok with the simple ambition to fit back in her jeans in a healthy and happy way, and capture her journey. Encouraging people to love their bodies and stay away from fad diets, she shares her wholesome recipes, workout tips - encouraging people to embrace their lumps, bumps and curves and focus on mental wellbeing as much as physical health.

@MaxKlymenko is the self-proclaimed 'brain of TikTok' teaching our community everything from the issues around gender pay gaps, to the impact of exercising on the brain. Max shares fun facts, stats and makes big difficult topics easy to digest, helping to educate the community.


Part 1 - Productivity tricks. Try this! (new series, kinda nervous 😬) #productivity #learnontiktok #education #lifehack

♬ original sound - Max Klymenko

@jessicabakes_x is a baking queen who shares her top recipes, baking tips and tricks with her community, inspiring us all to get in the kitchen. From sharing tips for different occasions, decoration hacks and storage ideas Jessica has everything you need to give baking a go.