Every day on TikTok, people share special and memorable moments with each other. By interacting, inspiring and engaging with other users in a creative way, our global community builds an ever-changing, immersive world of unique content. To enable our users to also create with one another, we introduced duets and reactions.

Through these functions, users can add their own creative ideas to other users’ content on TikTok. Videos become a launchpad of creative activities as people re-interpret other peoples’ content and create unique experiences for the entire community. Why not have a go!

Duets: The creative expansion of content

Duets provide you with a way of collaboratively and creatively interacting with other users. You can choose to record and interweave your own content with videos that others have made. Users can perform together and create unique pieces of content that would not be possible when performed individually.

To engage in a duet with another user’s content, all you need to do is open the respective video and click on the arrow symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. A menu will pop up in which you can select ‘Duet’. Once selected, a duet recording screen will pop up and give you the opportunity to perform alongside the selected video.

Reactions: Show people your amazement

Reactions allow you to record and add your reaction to a video previously published by another user. This way, you can record and publish a new version of the original video including the recording of your personal reaction to viewing the initial content.

It gives you the opportunity to share with the original creator, and with the rest of the TikTok community, how their original video baffled, amazed, stunned, or entertained you.

To react on another user’s video, you need to open the respective video and click the arrow symbol on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Again, a menu will pop up giving you the possibility to ‘React’ to the video. Upon selecting this option, a new recording screen will open, giving you the opportunity to record your personal reaction.

Always remember: it is your profile, you decide what you share with whom. For more information please visit our Safety Center.