July is Disability Pride Month, a time to shine a light on and share the experiences of the disabled community.

At TikTok, we'll be supporting Disability Pride Month, championing those with physical, learning and hidden disabilities and mental health conditions; taking a moment to celebrate the joy and pride they bring to their own communities on TikTok every day.

We know that people come to our platform to be educated as well as entertained, and we want to invite our community to share their experiences and learn from each other this July and beyond.

Today we are are launching #DisabilityPride where you'll be able to find and share content about disabilities, as we invite our creators to challenge the stigma and amplify the experiences of those living with a disability.

We'll also be hosting a LIVE between @shelbykinsxo, @disabled_eliza and Gay Times on Thursday 22nd July at 6pm to continue this conversation. Tune is as they discuss all things to do with Disability Pride Month as they share their own personal journey.

Introducing the TikTok creators to follow this Disability Pride Month

As part of our Disability Pride Month celebrations, we want to share some of the TikTok creators who are re-defining what it means to embrace self-pride and are making a positive impact; raising awareness of their experiences on TikTok.

Let's meet the creators . . .


Sisters Hannah and Becky document their escapades together, everything from fun days out, right through to humourous challenges and clips. Their humourous and engaging content has won them a loyal following, and they are definitely worth checking out if you're after some much needed positivity!


Lucy has made waves on TikTok with her quickfire insight into what every day is like for a blind person. Full of humour and honesty, she educates her TikTok community on everything from how to politely greet a blind person, how a guide dog works, how a blind person chops food in the kitchen, and much more.


Eliza is a disabled content creator from London, using their platform to educate the community on how they can be an ally to the community. Creating a safe and inclusive space for TikTokkers to ask questions and educate one another about the LGBTQI+ experience, Eliza doesn't shy away from difficult questions and opens up about their recent experiences as a disabled person.


Kate is a dance teacher, charity founder and disability activist who is passionate about accessibility for disabled people, particularly in the dance industry. Her feed is full of inspiring content on what it is like to be a disabled dancer, her campaigning work - as well as the latest TikTok dance trends of course!


Aced the backflip. Chickened out on the forward roll. ✌🏻 with Mimbre acrobatics and Daryl Beeton Productions #FYP #DisabledTiktok #DisabilityPride

♬ Oh No - Kreepa


Disabled model Shelby uses her platform to share her experiences as well as raising awareness of Pride Disability Month and the recent petition she set up to get children educated on disabilities in schools.


Reply to @flingingdildos you can still help out this #disabilitypridemonth 💖

♬ original sound - Shelby


If you're looking for a dose of humour, Stephen's page is one to follow. His platform is packed full of him trying out all the latest TikTok trends and challenges, as well as a whole host of funny skits.


Cheryl takes TikTok along with her sharing her life as an autistic person, from her morning routine to celebrating Pride month.


Queer creator Trish's feed is full of all sorts of wonderful creations and content to inspire followers. Cartoon fans or crafters will love her 27 cartoon character costumes in 27 days challenge, as well as her crafting videos.


the pastel rainbow balloon arch was too good to pass up

♬ blk and ga - Tik Toker


A stand up comedian, Luke's page is the perfect place to head to if you're looking for a laugh. His feed is full of his standup comedy routines, as well as regular TikTok sketches on the dangers of taking things too literally as an autistic person.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our disabled creators and their experiences and stories this Disability Pride Month and beyond.

Follow #DisabilityPride to show your support.

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