This year more than ever before,  TikTok has become a home for wellbeing conversations,  that have taught us mindfulness, raised awareness and created a much-needed sense of community over the past year. That's why this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, we really want to shine a spotlight on the incredible community of wellbeing creators.

From ASMR to exercise, mental wellbeing and physical health and fitness tips and everything in between, creators have been sharing their stories, solutions and support for those struggling with their mental health. With hashtags like #mindfulness and #meditation garnering millions of views. TikTokkers truly have opened up a conversation about mental health and thanks to our fantastic community of creators, we've been able to laugh, cry, connect and support one another through these difficult times.

To celebrate the wellbeing content within our community, we recently launched a new Wellbeing Hub in app, which brings all the wellbeing content in-app together under one roof making it more accesible for all our users. Our new Wellbeing Hub acts as your one stop shop for everything wellbeing, including resources from charity partners like Mind and British Red Cross.

The hub also features content from our wonderful wellbeing creators, who are breaking down stigmas, opening up conversations and inspiring the TikTok community to look after themselves and one another.

Say hello to our #wellbeingwarriors, and give them a follow for uplifting and inspiring mental health content:

@drjuliesmith is one of our most well-known TikTok psychologists, who has been sharing mental health tips, creating a safe space for her users to learn about anxiety and depression in an open and inclusive way.


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@DrNighatarif Nighat Arif is an NHS GP working in women's health, and shares facts and information about women's health, and how it connects to mental health. She also loves using positive affirmations for mental wellness.

@benjy_lookbook has built a safe, inclusive space for learning and wellness. Be it showing us how to be part of the self love club, to how to fight microaggressions as an ally, and explaining ways to fight everyday racism.

@thisisiona Iona shares positive content around eating disorder recovery, her videos include recipes from around the world and her approach to recontextualising food, removing the stigma associated with food groups.


Reply to @antonia.351 I’m actually losing my mind over these doughnuts, they’re just next level😭😭 #RecontextualisingFood #Eurovision2021 #Romania

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Emerging creator @t0nit0ne elivers bite-sized self-care tips and advice to inspire and empower her fans to be the best version of themselves.

Queer creator @itslilyrose is here to help us love the skin we are in – whoever we are! From body positivity to LGBTQ+ issues, activism and everything in between. She’s here to help us through with her style and humour.


How to take care of your mental health during lockdown🥰 #StayHomeFeelGood #Ad

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@zach_clean is a recovering addict who has been clean for over a year. He has shared his story in depth with his followers, describing his life growing up and his gradual descent into addiction. Zach shares his advice and support for all those trying to recover from addiction.

@florence.simpsonn is a body confidence warrior based in Portsmouth. She joined TikTok in May 2020, with the simple ambition to fit back in her jeans. Since then she's beed encouraging people to love their bodies and stay away from fad diets, leading the charge on body empowerment.


2021 is the year to replace self doubt with self love❤️ @thebodyshopuk #AD #BeRightBackWorld #SelfLoveUprising

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@lucyedwardsblind gives insight into what the every day is like for a blind person. Full of humour and insight, she educates TikTok on everything from how to politely greet a blind person, how a blind person types, how a blind person runs, and much more.

Francis. Bourgeois is a self-professed train enthusiast who also advocates for pursuing your passions unapologetically. In the past, Francis used to hide his love of trains for fear of being judged, now he has built a huge following of people who love sharing in his excitement for trains and by openly sharing his passions he hopes to encourage others to do the same.


Reply to @pusi_patrol I can see why people think I’m joking because I try and make funny videos but I genuinely love trains❤️ #trains #trending #fyp

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NHS Hero and TikTok legend, @dr.karanr is TikTok's own resident surgeon, who has the answers to all of your medical questions, including how to manage your mental health and understand more about the brain.

@This.Tourettes.Guy is a dad who has tourettes and ADHD. He uses his platform to raise awareness of what it's like to live with tourettes. By sharing how he has fun with his kids and highlighting the positive side to tourettes and ADHD, Glen helps to normalise the conditions and challenge stereotypes.

@ScarredNotScared is the queen of setting boundaries and teaching others how to take time for themselves and cultivate healthy relationships. Not to mention, she's a body positive creator who helps other embrace their scars and overcome insecurities.


Are you a newbie to boundaries? Come say hi ☺️👇🏽 #boundarylifecoach #boundarysetting

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@PoppyJamie is the founder of the award winning mindfulness app, Happy Not Perfect, and uses TikTok to share some of her incredible wellbeing tips and teach others about mental health.