Meet Avni and Sara. Aka your new Tiktok sisters. 👯‍♀️

With this pair you'll be laughing, crying and simply living your best life. 

From those sister sister snitching moments, to the never-ending annoyance of stealing clothes or sharing the best photo ops, they've got us covered.

Watch Sara's journey picking up a new lockdown skill....skateboarding....

Or join Anvi redoing her bedroom in lockdown.

@iconicakes have become one of the most entertaining TikTok families to follow - we joined the sisterhood and sat down with Avni and Sara to chat all things TikTok...

What do you love most about TikTok?

Tiktok’s ability to create a community, allows the creator to build an experience rather than just content. This is because everyone who interacts with the specific tiktok becomes a part of the content by commenting, duetting and liking. This creates the sense of a big friendship group where you can share your own experience. We love the sense of support and friendship within the app!

Why is TikTok right for your content? 

Through our content we like to make our users feel like they have a friend on their phone! Someone they can talk to and feel safe with! With the turbulent times we’re in and the stress everyone has growing up as a teenager it's nice to know you have a friend you can talk to and relate to on a social media platform you're comfortable with! Tiktok’s features like duetting and responding to comments creates an experience rather than just content! The experience we like to create is of friendship and support which Tiktok helps us to do! 

What is your goal on TikTok? 

To create a bigger friendship group than we already have, where ethnicity and gender don’t matter where all of us can help each other grow up, feel safe and feel good, even if its just for a minute.

Who do you follow on TikTok – and why? 

@sutherlandphys, @swagmoneyashtray, @peachprc, @fatracoon

They make the person who watches their content feel like they’re a part of their lives thus, creating an amazing community and the creators talk about positive things and make their followers feel safe, plus they’re really funny. 

 What is on your TikTok feed

We have people sharing their lives and experiences on our feed, funny content about what is happening in our current climate and people who spread positive messages about mental health, racial quality and posts which empower women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

 Our favourite tiktok we have made has to always be the most recent one! We like to evolve and grow up with our audience, this means regardless of the views and likes we have to make sure the person who watches our video leaves with a feeling of happiness and it only has to get better! So our favourite video is our recent one, whichever one that maybe at the time you’re reading this!


anyone else have this problem?

♬ The Wonder Pets! - Wonder Pets

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